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Speakout 12/1

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I live in a duplex and when the police came to my house, they came looking for the wrong person. They came looking for my next door neighbor. They came into my house and wanted to search my house looking for him. They don't have any reason to search my house for anything or looking for anybody unless there is reasonable cause or unless someone has a warrant to search my house, which is not the case. This could happen to someone else too. This happened to me on Thanksgiving Eve. I wish that whoever DPS has warrants for would search at the proper residence and not mine.

Does anyone watch "America's Next Top Model?" If anyone recorded the Nov. 22, please put your phone number in the paper if you want to sell it.

This message is for DPS Director Drew Juden and the mayor of Sikeston. Great job! All these derelict houses in town with nobody living in them and delinquent taxes are due on, we need to get them torn down and get Sikeston cleaned up. After we get Sikeston cleaned up, we need to get some jobs here. I hate driving to Cape Girardeau every day to go to work. I would love to get a job in Sikeston where I could make wages to make a living. One other thing. Chief, could we slow these people down driving on North Ingram? Speeders are unbelievable. This lady came past my house the other day and I'm pretty sure she was driving at least 70 mph while passing another car. What if one of the kids on this street gets hit? Once again, great job. Let's get this job cleaned up. And remember two things, jobs - jobs, please.

Why don't we see the bowling report in the paper this season?

The scores have not been turned in to the Standard Democrat for publication.

I think there are a few things the parents in this town need to know. There has not been a dollar bill that has ever been printed, no gold of any amount that's ever been minted, there is not a drug that has ever been manufactured (legal or illegal), none that's been grown or any kind of alcohol that's ever been brewed that is worth one tear drop on your baby's face. When you get a divorce, you do not divorce your children. When you decide to run away, you run away from your children. You cannot ever make up for it. You do not marry someone else or bring someone else into your home with another child and become that child's parent. They already have a mother and a father. Your children are the ones you have left behind and some day they will stand before your face and ask you, "Why didn't you love me enough to be my parent?" Or when they get into trouble or become addicted to the same drugs and alcohol that you left them behind for, there's nothing that has ever been on two legs or has a motor in it that's worth losing your child. The day they stand up and rip your heart out, I pray to the Almighty God that the day you walked out of their lives comes back to haunt you forevermore.