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Speakout 2/2

Sunday, February 2, 2003

I think Charleston should have the same curfew that Sikeston has. I think it is really good that Sikeston has a curfew for kids who don't want to go to school.

Why do politicians, city, state and federal, all think that when they run short of money to operate, that all they have to do is raise taxes, when we as families and individuals have to make the necessary adjustments with the finances we have? We don't have the luxury to raise taxes. Maybe, just maybe, they will have to learn to do with what they have and learn to get by.

I expect the City Council to balance their budget before they even begin to think about raising taxes to the citizens. If your front page article is accurate in its quote from a city official that the city's reserves have only a few weeks left, then this city has some serious explaining to its citizens about where all the reserves went. How much have they cut from the budget so that it will be balanced? Anything? I believe some heads should roll at City Hall and that the Council should be recalled for letting this happen. How many years have elapsed since the city had a balanced budget? I recall that we got into this situation some years back with a previous city manager and it took the efforts of a new City Council with then Mayor Bill Burch to build up the city's reserves again. where is the new Mr. Burch to come from? Please! Speak up!

I'm calling for the residents of East Prairie. My granddaughters, ages 5 and 3, have lost their little male Chihuahua. He's tan with lighter-colored markings around his little feet and answers to the name of "Coco." He is these little girls' best friend. They both have asthma and the dog was bought for medical purposes. He got out the other night and we cannot find him. If anyone has found a strange little Chihuahua, please call (573) 649-5096 or 748-5804. You sure will make two little girls happy if you can find their best friend.