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SpeakOut 2/3

Monday, February 3, 2003

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I am a resident of Morehouse and a Richland Rebel basketball fan. The other Sunday, I was at home watching a NFL playoff game on TV. My neighbor came over to the house and, just as he walked in the door, the fans started booing the officials that had just called a play. My neighbor looked at me and said, "Must be someone there from Dexter."

First, George Bush claimed he needed a big tax cut for the rich because the nation's budget was in a big surplus. Then he needed a big tax cut for the rich because the budget was in deficit. And now Mr. Bush and his friends need a big tax cut for the rich because average Americans can't find jobs.

I would like to thank the Sikeston school superintendent for canceling school last week for snow days. I do not live in Sikeston, nor do I have anyone who rides their school buses, but I do think this was a very wise decision on his part.

I would like to SpeakOut about the foster parent payments that David Harris wrote about. If people want to know, the Missouri Coalition for Children ought to talk to some of the foster parents about the payments that they get. We were told that Newsweek wanted to talk to the caseworker. They ought to talk to some of the parents and get their viewpoint on all this. Foster care homes don't get near what residential facilities get to take care of these children.

This is to the man and woman who are in the workforce making $6.50 or $7 an hour. There is no way with wages like this that you can provide for your family. So my advice to the working people is to quit work, go on welfare and you'll receive a check every month, medical benefits and food stamps and you can rent a house on Section 8 for $20 or $30 a month and have your utilities paid for. So why work? These deadbeats who are able to work have gone on welfare and people who are working and trying to make a living can't do it. It's impossible. They're renting houses on Section 8 for nearly nothing and in some cases, they pay you to live there. I don't understand how the non-worker can benefit with so much, when those who are trying to make a living for their families, and trying to be honest about it, they can't provide for their families, especially medical. They have no insurance. The children get sick and they can't afford to take them to the doctor, or buy the clothes, food and things they deserve in life. So just quit working and go on welfare and you'll have it made. You will have no problems.

I'm calling in regards to the weather in Sikeston, when the school shut down for the day. People said they didn't hear it on KFVS-12. I don't know anything about that, but KSIM had it on the radio about 6:30 that morning that school in Sikeston was closed.

How do these politicians think they're going to get this tax money the tobacco companies have been paying all these years? They've ridden these tobacco companies to death, especially Clinton and they're about to run them out of business. What are they going to do with all this tax money? I'll tell you what they're going to do. They'll take it right out of your pocket. Why don't they tax liquor? I'll tell you why they don't. It's because it's a politically correct drug. They need to load up liquor with taxes but they won't do it because legislators and others like it.

Liquor is also taxed.

Boy, somebody sure hit the nail on the head in the Jan. 23 SpeakOut. When they say they would trust Mr. Bush with their daughters and Mr. Clinton with their jobs, my question to them would be, which one is more important to you? Your daughter or your job. You pretty well let everybody know which is most important to you. If people would vote their heart and their conscience and their families, and not their pocketbooks, we would see this country turn around for the good. But, like this person, most people only think of money.