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Speakout 12/24

Friday, December 24, 2004

I found a Charleston High School ring. It has a name on it and who it is made by. Call 471-0139 to identify it.

A fast-food restaurant advertises with people sticking straws in their mouths and fists in their mouths. Is this a good example for our kids? I don't think so. People, wake up. If this food chain is that desperate, their food can't be that good. Go somewhere else.

Will the person who owns a beige Lincoln parked blocking my walkway on Kathleen Street please move your car? It has been three weeks and has not been moved. It has been totally impossible for me to have a cab or bus deliver stuff to my house. I am a senior citizen and I live on Kathleen. According to the police, you do not live on Kathleen. The way you are parked has blocked both front and back of anybody parking. There are two more cars that are parked there all the time. There's also a fire hydrant that can be blocked and that is the ambulance pickup near the fire hydrant. You are blocking us all. We would appreciate it if you would take your car elsewhere?

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Elmer "Thump" or "Thumper" Penrose, who lived in the Sikeston area. He had a brother by the name of Ronnie Penrose.

Elmer Penrose Jr., 49, died Oct. 4, 2001, at his home. Included in his survivors was a brother, Ronnie Penrose of Carmi, Ill. This information is available on our website at www.standard-democrat. com

This call is for Mike Jensen. I don't know who inspects your SpeakOut articles. You need somebody to inspect them and make sure they're worded right and everything is spelled right. I put an article in there. It ran Dec. 19 and you named it "Suggestion box." I put in there that you should put a theater by the Sikeston Wal-Mart, a big Malco Twin Theater. That part was right. But I didn't say anything about a Burlington Coat Factory in Sikeston. I said Burlington Coat Store, not factory. There is a lot of difference there.

Sorry caller. The name of the Burlington stores is "Burlington Coat Factory." This was not an error.

I have more than 45 years experience as a nurse, both in military and civilian life. I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about our country. If you do not want to be "One Nation Under God," you have our personal invitation to pack your bags and get your butt out of here. I have sat beside too many young men and women who have died defending that right. We are one nation under God. Let me tell you something else, on that death bed, whether it be in the military or in civilian life, there is not one atheist when it comes to dying. It is not your right to live in this country. It is a privilege. I have stopped in a lot of ports of a lot of countries. People have begged us to take them with us so they could serve God the way they want to. Every time you look at your Christmas lights, I want you to remember this. In hundreds of jails there are clergymen and Christians who have to make 5,000 of those a day or die and they are there because they believe in God. You do not have to live in this country. You can take your atheist butt, get on a plane, train or boat and leave. We do not care. Do you understand this?