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SpeakOut 2/4

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Call 573-471-6636

A disabled person complained in SpeakOut a few weeks ago because they didn't get as big a raise as working people do. Have you ever thought that may be because we working people have more expenses than you do, such as the cost of gas, vehicles and repairs to get back and forth to work? We deserve the raise more than you do. And we have to pay taxes and you don't. Just because I work doesn't mean I'm wealthy. That's the problem Democrats. They think poor people are the people who don't want to work and rich people are the ones that do work. Anyway, unless you have a heart transplant or cancer or a leg cut off or an arm cut off, you're not really disabled anyway. So do like the rest of them do, go out and mow somebody's yard or clean houses or dig a well or work on cars to make extra money.

This is to the nosy neighbors in Sikeston. I would appreciate it if you would keep your noses out of other people's business. They call the law three and four times a week. We know who you are and you know who you are. You keep calling the police three and four times a week and they're going to get tired of it. I hope they lock you up. We don't appreciate you around here.

I would like to SpeakOut about the White House Inn in Morehouse. It's the big white Baptist Church in Morehouse on Beech Street. It would be nice for a minister and family. They could have a living quarters, study room and a great place for young people, kids and all. They could have everything right there under one roof. It's lonely. It needs a clergyman and a family.

My leaves have been next to the curb since Dec. 29. They were supposed to be picked up from Dec. 30-Jan. 3. Then with the bad weather, there was a delay in the leaf collection program and my leaves were supposed to be picked up between Jan. 21-24. Today is Jan. 27, the day after the Super Bowl and my darned leaves still have not been picked up. Do I need to know somebody at City Hall to get this done?

Call Jiggs Moore at 472-3775.

I'm calling in response to let the "Color of politics" caller know that Dick Gephardt just gained about 20 votes by taking down the Confederate Flag, and losing one vote from you won't even matter.

On Jan. 27, you ran "Others look to U.S. for help." The words in there were wrong. My words were, "Well, it finally hits our leaders, all the taxes lost on people who bought over the Internet, taxes lost on cell phones, not paying for 911, total waste in Jefferson City for years, wasted MoDOT on roads and credit cards, our government paying blackmail money to other countries so they won't make lethal weapons- it will never work. They will make them and take our money. We should take care of America only. Most countries hate America anyway."

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The original recording wasn't as clear.

This country has loaned to almost every nation on Earth and most have never repaid the loans. We need to remember the nations who will not help us in Iraq. France has oil holdings in Iraq but sauerkraut Germany, for whom we were a big provider in rebuilding Germany, hasn't. With the economy like it is, we need to get tight-fisted and stay tight-fisted, because we see how much they will help us.