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SpeakOut 2/11

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

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On television and radio when they're announcing a program, why do they have the music so loud that you can't understand what the people are saying? Why do they do that? They spend their money to have the advertisements on there but then you can't hear what they're saying.

Why doesn't the Standard Democrat investigate the discrimination in the East Prairie schools? I was just out there with my two little kids and they have a program now for the boys basketball team to raise money. Why don't the restaurants around here have things like that for softball, basketball and the track team and stuff like that? This school discriminates very much against girls. You always say that if you have a story or something with facts to call it in and you will investigate it. Well, this is something that needs investigating. I don't want my little girls to be discriminated against like this when they get into high school. Why don't you investigate this, or is it because it's against the school system? Is that the reason?

The President will order the attack on Iraq. It will happen sometime between February 21 and March 9. If by some chance the President decides not to attack Iraq, I may stoop as low as to becoming a Democrat. Naw........................

In the city court there were two cases with fines imposed for obstructing traffic. What would one be doing to be ticketed for that?

They were obstructing traffic. The dictionary's definition of the word "obstruct" is: to block up, close or fill with obstacles so as to prevent passage; to impede or prevent from progress; to be in the way of, cut off from sight."

It is being said that after Saddam is gone America will have to pay to rebuild the country. This is not true. Iraq has the resources to pay for their own rebuilding. All we have to do is get rid of Saddam. No more palaces. No more weapons. No more killers. There will be enough money to build Iraq to a nation that Americans will want to visit - a nation that will contribute to the world. This country could flourish under a democracy. Not only could they provide for themselves, but they could also help other Islam countries to become less dependent on American money. Saddam has not only killed his own people, he has killed the chance for the Iraqi people to build a nation that they can be proud of. If you do not support the war in Iraq, You should try to live in Iraq. - Bothered Bob

This is to my son. You pulled your stunt at Christmas when you left your family. I'm getting tired of you telling lies, trying to get everyone to blame your "old lady" for what I said and making them believe other things. All you are doing is making fools out of the people in this town for believing what you tell them, not friends. So if you don't believe your ex-wife when I tell her to tell you what I said, then you'll believe me when I put this in the newspaper.

The railroad crossing at the intersection of Malone Avenue and where you turn to go into the park at the airport is rough as a cob. The city needs to do something.