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SpeakOut 11/4

Monday, November 4, 2002

Call 471-6636

I've never heard such griping that's going on today. No one is ever happy, at least it seems that way. You gripe about the government, no matter what they do. They're only trying to do their job as you should do your's too. You gripe about our schools, the teachers, the staff and crew. The volunteers and principals all work 'til their faces turn blue. Still the credit is never given, at least where it should be. If you were in their places, I'm sure that you would see. Their work is never easy, their days are sometimes long, so give these people your blessings and you will not go wrong. When it comes to churches, don't drag them through the dirt. There may come a time when you will even need the preacher's shirt. And he would gladly help you in any way he could, so we must all just stop and think and pray the way we should. We must love everyone as Jesus loves you and me. And try to stop our griping, then peace you just might see. Love thy neighbor every day, but most of all don't fail to pray. You ridicule our hospitals for things you say they've done, but when you start to feeling sick, you'll rush right into one. But if you have to wait a while you'll gripe and gripe some more. You give the doctors down-the-road as you're walking out the door. The farmers just don't have a chance to show us what they're worth. They slave and toil 'til sweat appears as they're plowing up the earth, to plant and sow that we might eat, if the weather stays just right. They start at early morning and work 'til late at night. We all have trials in this world, some big and some are small. But if you can't say something good, then don't say anything at all.

Is no one aware of the changes Medicaid has made in the last three months in their spend down program? This program has put those who are already in poverty and on Social Security disability and other programs in a position where they're having to send up to one-half their income into Medicaid each month so they can even get their medicines and doctors paid. This is making it impossible for some of us to get our medicine because we have a choice: rent or food or the several hundred dollars we must send to Medicaid. Where is the news coverage on this? Where's the political debate on it? You cash your check and turn around and send it to Medicaid and not a word comes over the news or from the wannabe politicians. I dare them to debate on this one.

You missed it, caller. We ran a front page story on Sept. 15.

I am in need of someone in the Sikeston or Morehouse area who does yard work. I am looking for someone to rake leaves and also need someone clean guttering. Please put your phone number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

The Bootheel Golf Club's dog was taken from the club on Oct. 25 and we would like to have it back. It is a little brindle puppy and answers to the name of "Peanut." He had a collar on. Someone picked him up from the club between 6 and 6:30 p.m. He is sorely missed, so if you could make a story out of that, we sure would appreciate it. My number out here is 472-6111. All the guys and gals who play out here have fallen in love with the little dog. If this is something you could put in there, I certainly would appreciate it.

In response to the caller who needs furniture refinished, call 472-3513.

To the people who have those big pontoon and the big vacation monstrous boats, if you can afford to have one (and we all know, as neighbors, you have it), why can't you afford to store the thing someplace besides in your front yard?