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Speakout 11/3

Sunday, November 3, 2002

In Mr. Jensen's recent editorial he said older drivers should take a driver's test. Isn't it about time that you had to take a driver's test? You're about that age.

I am writing concerning local high school athletics. It has recently been brought to my attention that students in a small area school cannot participate on athletic teams if involved in cheerleading. In this particular case a student went out for cheerleading due to a poor relationship with her coach. The school has since hired a new coach who she would play for. The student has been told she cannot play even if she quits the cheerleading squad. Students are young and change their minds. She should be allowed to make her own decision and participate in whatever she likes. I think they should let her play.

I operate a business here in town. I just received my telephone bill and there are charges on there for "ILD." When I called the ILD number, they gave me all kinds of bull. Then I called the telephone company and they took the charges off. So check your telephone bills when they come in.

The Good Samaritans are still around. I want to say a big thank you to the young couple who stopped to tell me our horses were out on Highway 61. They and lady Trooper No. 800 and a good friend to neighbors all took time running up and down Highway 61 at Grant City and beyond, finally getting them back into the corral. Again, thanks to all you wranglers.

My sister and I decided to go visit a few bars in Sikeston. We don't go to bars very often, and what I saw shocked me. There were more underaged kids in this bar than there were adults and, yes, they were drinking. How would you feel if your kid went to a bar and was being served alcohol?

Did you report this establishment to the police? Your report can be anonymous and information you provide will be kept confidential.

I just came from Applebee's on grand opening day and want to say how great a staff they have. I wish them much success and longevity here in Sikeston. Welcome, Applebee's. It's good to have you here.

Do the people on Holly Hill and around that area not know it's against the law to let your dog out to run around all night? They're aggravating our dog to death and he barks all night. I wish they would put their dog up or get rid of it if they don't care any more about him than that.

This is to the person whose husband left her. Keep your head up because we all know that God is with you and you don't miss your oil until your well runs dry. Hang in there. We know you were there for him and who he left you for is everybody's woman.

I know a young man who is suffering with lung cancer. I help him all I can but am not able to help him financially. Recently, I contacted two area churches to see if they could help him. Neither church has responded or ministered to him or anything. I don't understand. I thought we were supposed to reach out to the dying, the widowed and the needy. This young man really needs help. Hey, Christians. Let's get together here and let me know what's going on. Please help me to help this young man. Please respond.

I would like to let everyone know how rude some people are. I hope you recognize yourself when you read this. A nice restaurant recently opened here in Sikeston. A trial run with free food was given to certain individuals in the community. They were griping about how much time it took to order and so forth. Excuse me, but if you were given a free meal, why would you be so rude? Also, even since it's been open to the public people are still griping because it takes so long. Some customers are even given their meals free because they griped so much. Come on, Sikeston. We'll never be able to get any of the best groups here if anyone else hears about this. If you want everything to go your way, just don't come in the first week. This time, the customer isn't right. Would you expect your first day to go smoothly? How about more comments?

I've heard a lot of rumors at H&HH in Miner and was wondering if anybody knows. I've heard they're putting in a truck stop. Is this true?

We checked with the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce and they have no current information about a truck stop being placed at the location.

An excellent caregiver recently lost her job at New Madrid Group Practice. According to a letter she received from the chief executive officer, her contract will not be renewed and her last day is Nov. 8. We just want this nurse practitioner to know how well she is liked and wish her the best in her future work. I have spoken to many of her patients who agree with me that she makes us all feel special. When I go to see her for a professional visit it's not like I'm going to the doctor. It's like I'm going to see a friend. This firm needs to realize what an asset she is to their service. It's going to be hard for us to find someone else to care for us that we can feel so comfortable with. This change will not only affect the business. It will affect many patients who have learned to rely on her caring service. Is there a grant or other way that she could be kept on the staff there? It's just hard to think about her not being there. The loss of her services to the center will be great.

Someone just told me Peter Myers is going to have another knee replacement surgery. I didn't know he had the first one! When did he have the first one, and when does he plan to have the second one?

Rep. Peter Myers had a knee replacement one and a half years ago and surgery to have his other knee replaced is scheduled for Nov. 15.