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SpeakOut 11/26

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the eyesores in Vanduser. Mr. Thompson is absolutely right about having everybody clean up. They're planning a clean-up day in March and I think everyone who has trash needs to participate or they should be thrown in jail. It looks very bad on this little town that used to be so beautiful. It needs to be cleaned up of all the drugs, the trash and the trashy people. The Sunday paper said it's a waste of time to put them in their place. It is not. They need to be placed in jail if they do not clean up their trash.

I'm calling about the eyesores in Vanduser. It is not a waste of time. If we put our efforts and time together we could make this town look really nice. This is a good, peaceful town that we live in and the person who said that should be thrown in jail.

I am calling about the Nov. 17 editorial. Mike, I completely agree with you. I've always looked forward to seeing a sign that says "Sikeston." Then I know I'm on my way home. I hadn't realized it was gone and I, too, am very sad.

Judging book by cover

I'm calling about an ad that was in the Nov. 17 paper about people on food stamps who were dressed real nice and driving a nice car. I'd like to tell that person that I'm a teacher here in Sikeston and I know teachers aides who dress nice and drive nice cars. One single person has three kids draws food stamps. But that doesn't make her a bad person just because she has a food stamp card. You can have a good job these days and still make income lower than poverty to put you on food stamps. Without that card, she may not be able to feed her children. That's just like the earned income credit. Even some teachers these days get earned income back each year. I did last year. We have five people in our household, so I guess I'm a low-down dirty person who doesn't work just because I get earned income credit. So please don't judge someone just by what you see. If minimum wage would go up $2, it would really help cut down on the food stamp cards.

I'd like to commend the Wal-Mart staff in Sikeston. While shopping with my 5-year-old granddaughter, she was separated from us. The staff immediately put a plan into effect to find my granddaughter. They were quick, they were thorough and they were caring. My granddaughter was returned to us safe and sound. Thank you, Wal-Mart.

I would like for the mayor of the North Lilbourn project in Lilbourn to respond to this. A man has a business on the project but they will not turn the water on because they say they don't want that business there. But they have a business across the street that has running water. It's only fair that this business should receive the same service.

I recently pulled up the Website for the Chamber of Commerce and noticed our executive director mentioned that we have a transportation system "second to none." Is she referring to Spanky's Cab?

You can call the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce at 471-2498 and learn about the transportation system in the area that Missy Marshall referred to.