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Speakout 11/27

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I lost a set of yellow gold rings with a black setting in the engagement ring and a yellow gold necklace. I am offering a reward and it is very important that I find these items.

I want to comment about the SpeakOut comment about having our kids go to school on Veterans Day and then closing the schools on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. I do agree with the caller. It is a disgrace to the United States of America and it's a disgrace to all these counties who had school on Veterans Day. I lost a grandfather in a war and my father is crippled because of war. The schools do not respect that. They're afraid to have school on Martin Luther King's birthday because people would protest. We should protest so that Veteran's Day can be a school holiday, too.

I was a judge at the polls in November in New Madrid County. I left my house at 5:20 a.m. and got home at 8 p.m. after taking the ballots to New Madrid. I did a slow burn when I read about Mississippi County being generous enough to give their judges a raise. New Madrid, you could do the same thing. Would any of you do this job for $5.38 per hour? I really don't think so. Mississippi County judges made $40 and $50 more than we did. It is a lot of responsibility, especially on supervisory judges. You have to deal with people who get hateful and sometimes mad if you can't allow them to vote. Please loosen the purse strings. It is time.

Is the town court in Lilbourn allowed to make its own rules? I was in court with my brother for peace disturbance and the judge fined him $306 and he had already spent 21 days in jail. About a month earlier, they had charged his sister with peace disturbance. Her fine was only $92.50 (big difference) and she spent no time in jail. Is this justice? Someone needs to check this court out on Monday nights.

Fines for criminal actions are determined by the judges on several criteria. For example, you didn't say if this was your brother's first offense or his sister's first offense. To get the answer you're looking for, ask the court.

What's going on with the East Prairie courts over here? Why is one person charged just $20 who was under age and caught driving while intoxicated and another under age person had an open beer container and was charged $277? I think it's all about money. The person who was charged $20, the family has a high income. The other family has a low income. I am saying this because I know both families. The system stinks when they make such a difference. How can the courts do this? Please investigate this and let us know.

How can a law officer tell you to get a camper out of your yard and give you one day to move it or he would charge you $10 a day for every day it was there?

You didn't say where you live. If you live in Sikeston, contact Code Enforcement for answers. If you do not live in Sikeston, call your city hall and ask who you need to contact.

Why do dogs have to have tags but cats don't? Cats get rabies, too, and carrying cats spreads fever and that type of stuff.

I just want the guys on the west end of West Gladys Street to know that the police are watching you. Sooner or later all you guys are going to be caught.

Does anyone have a recipe for Coconut Candy Haystacks? I lost mine and can't find anyone who has it. If anybody does, please put it in SpeakOut.

It is nice to have a little cafe in your small town of Morehouse that you can go into, where everybody is so friendly and nice. If one of the rolls is hard, the owner will throw it in the trash. Everything is always perfect. The food is just beautiful there. They have a little buffet and the food is home cooked and wonderful. The people don't snub you. They're very friendly. It's also a very clean place. Congratulations to Morehouse Cafe.

If anybody does demos, please put your number in SpeakOut.

I just read a very interesting item in the Standard about a mother who had her fifth child. The mother is apparently a single parent because it didn't list a father and it also didn't list any occupation so I am assuming she doesn't work. In 12 to 14 years those girls will be five more families on welfare while mom is still drawing welfare on her five daughters. It's just a vicious circle.

We've answered this one before. Although we understand your concern, the Standard Democrat prints birth announcements because when a baby is born, it is news. The lifestyle of the child's parents has nothing to do with the news we print.

To the person who called in about the bank who changed its policy without telling anybody, I know you can't mention the name of the bank, but if you could print its location, I would appreciate it so I know not to go there.

No can do.

I'm calling about raking your leaves and having the city pick them up, which I sincerely appreciate. I live on the west side and everybody has raked their leaves except some of the white families. I don't understand that. The black people are often criticized about not picking up and keeping things up and not caring. If you live on the west side, you should support the west side or move.