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SpeakOut 11/21

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Call 471-6636

Does anybody have turnips for sale that are good? I looked in the stores and theirs weren't any good. Please leave a number in SpeakOut and I'll call you.

To the caller who is looking for a souvenir spoon holder, call me at 471-3398 and leave a message and I will call you back. I have one.

This is for the person who needs a spoon holder. You can purchase one from Miles Kimball at (800) 546-2255 or go to www.mileskimball.com on the Web.

To the person looking for holders for souvenir spoons, contact Bart at 471-2278. If the spoon holder you have is made of wood, he could make you one, probably exactly like the one you already have.

There's a tuxedo rental place here in town. The tuxedos have stuff all over them but you still have to pay full price to rent them. I think the customers should get a refund. It's not right.

Why do some of the election judges get more in some counties than they do in the others?

Because each county sets its own rates.

I read about the City Council wanting to take the surplus that the power plant has. Shame on you. That's the last thing we need, higher electric bills. What has happened to our city's management? My question is, who votes on this issue? The City Council or the people of Sikeston?

No, hell no, we don't need an increase in our light bill. We pay enough as it is. Every time you turn around, someone is wanting more money. Our doctor bills are too high, our medicine is too high, you go to the grocery store and pay twice as much, and we sure don't need more money on our light bill. It's enough. We didn't ask them to build that swimming pool. If they did, they should have taken it out of their own pockets. I mean no. We do not need this. I am tired of giving it and then every year here come the Boy Scouts wanting more money. Do we go out asking for people to pay our light bills? I don't think so. I'm tired of it. No. I mean no!

As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Bush has resigned the presidency, as stated in Tuesday's paper. He can't do anything but stir up trouble, fight, send jobs and put poor people out of jobs. He has more Republicans up there to help him now. He doesn't care.

I received my tax statement today. Where is all the money going? We pay double school tax. We pay school tax on personal and we pay school tax on real estate. Why? I don't think the elderly should have to pay taxes on schools. We don't have kids going to school and haven't for umpteen years. They keep going up, up every year. I see no improvement in the schools and the taxes just keep going up.