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Speakout 12/22

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This is for the superintendent of schools and the school board. We all know there is a drug problem in our schools. Our question is, why do we have different rules for certain kids? I personally know of five kids who were suspended for having drugs at school. Why is it that because one child who has a parent who is a teacher was allowed back in school although drugs were found on them and the others were suspended? It seems to me this is discrimination, don't you think? The school board should check into this and get the problem solved.

Sikeston Superintendent of Schools provided this answer to your questions. "The Board of Education has operated under a very stringent drug policy for several years. Any student who is found to be in attendance at school, or school activities, and it is determined they are under the influence of, in possession of, or found to be selling, purchasing or distributing any prescription drug, drug, narcotic substance, unauthorized inhalant, counterfeit drugs and/or drug-related paraphernalia, including controlled substances and illegal drugs, will be suspended from school, following due process. Additionally, any student prior to returning to school following a drug-related suspension, an approved drug test must be taken, and passed, within 10 days of their return-date to their classes.

This is the only way of getting a message to a family in this area who needs to know just how cruel they have been to one of their family members. Do you have any idea that you have nearly destroyed this person? If she had not had a higher power, I shudder to think of what would have happened to her. I don't care what you or she has said or done. What you continue to do is cruelty. It's disgusting that greed and jealousy does this to families, but it happens every day. She has told me she has forgiven her family, but I don't know how she could even acknowledge them as a family. She's a better person than I am. There will be a judgment day when we all stand before God. We are to love everyone. These holidays are very hard on hurt people, but you all wouldn't understand because you have no feelings. We all need to pray for everyone who is in this situation. It's one of the things in life that is not easily changed or forgotten.

Scott Peterson got the death penalty and O.J. is free. Is that discrimination? O.J. should fry.

What do basketball and jazz have in common? New Madrid County Central. If you want to hear a good jazz band, go to a NMCC basketball game. Mr. Owens and the kids in the jazz band will sure liven things up. It's so good to see kids enjoy what they're doing, so let me tell you, the jazz band at NMCC sure enjoy what they're doing. So go out to a NMCC basketball game and enjoy the great jazz band. Thanks, Mr. Owen and kids. The NMCC Jazz Band rocks!