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Speakout 5/17

Friday, May 17, 2002

Call 471-6636

I can't figure out why George and Laura Bush are so willing to give our money to Africa and other countries to help them with uniforms and schooling, when right here in the U.S. a lot of kids can't go to college because they don't have the money. All our jobs are leaving here and many have already gone overseas. Maybe we should go over there and beg for help from them. I know a lot of kids who can't afford college fees. A lot of middle aged people here in the U.S. don't have jobs because they've gone overseas. They don't have medical insurance because they can't afford it. They say the U.S. has pity. Where is it? Yes, the rich will stay rich; the poor will just die.

I'm calling about the article about "Were rules bent or broken?" I also attended the grand march at the East Prairie High School prom and I am not the parent of anyone who attended the prom. Personally, I think your issue should have been taken to the school board instead of writing into SpeakOut. The young police officer you were talking about is only 21 years old. He has never been in trouble, attends classes for law enforcement and is respectful of others. Please don't hold it against police officers for doing their job. I agree that if someone who is no longer in school has been in trouble by the law for drugs, they should not be allowed to attend school functions. If you are so concerned, maybe you should attend the next school board meeting and address your concern. But please remember, your child may be the next topic of another SpeakOut gossip.

We find many people here in Sikeston asking why can't this community attract industry to our town. I suggest you read the Standard Democrat's editorials for a couple of weeks and then ask who would want to live in a community that has an editor consumed with racial hatred. The vast majority of his columns display either blatant bigotry or an undercurrent of racism. This type of attitude is a disservice to our community. Industry leaders of today insist upon higher standards than the spokesman who runs our community newspaper. Maybe we should too.

I am interested in buying a wooden swing set. If anybody knows where I can get one, please put the number in SpeakOut.

Can you tell me how much money is being spent on the new concession stand at the Complex for the exclusive use of the soccer and ball teams? When the concession stands are run, where does that money go? Does it go to the city, who provided it, or to the leagues?

According to Sikeston Parks and Recreation Director Jiggs Moore, the contract for the new concession stand was for $159,482. All proceeds from the operation of the concession stand goes to the Sikeston Area Youth Baseball Program.