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Speakout 10-25

Friday, October 25, 2002

You should be calling yourself "pro-fetus" instead of "pro-life," because that's more accurate.

Jean Carnahan actually voted to say that John Ashcroft was not qualified to be attorney general. It wasn't that she did not like him, he was not qualified. Well, after the last year, it's obvious he is the most qualified attorney general we have had in a generation. Let's go, John Ashcroft. Good job.

Taxes are too high for what we get in return. Until Missouri stops wasting tax money, we are already paying and needing better jobs so we won't lose our jobs to the cost of living and health processes. Property taxes are high in Scott County. Missouri has lied about the 15-year gas tax plan for roads, gambling proceeds going to schools and tobacco settlements for smokers. When these groups start telling the truth, raising good paying jobs, then we can talk about taxes.

It has been a year since we have had a terrorist attack and we really haven't done anything about it. If we are such a great nation with such sophisticated weapons, why don't we start using them and send a message to the rest of the world before it's too late. We have not found bin Laden and we have not caught the sniper. So what's wrong? We better find out what the reason is before it's too late.

I am calling as a concerned parent. It is time to acknowledge that problems exist within the Sikeston school system, especially with regard to athletics. The general public is not aware of these problems because our local newspaper will not print anything negative about our schools. Is it true that the eighth grade football team had to cancel the rest of its season because they were down to nine players? Is this not atrocious in a system in town the size of ours? Why haven't our sports writers reported this in the paper instead of keeping the public in the dark? The team started out with something like 35 players. Athletes who really wanted to play did not jump ship without a reason. What is going on with the football program at this level? Doesn't it seem strange that only nine boys want to play football out of hundreds of kids? What does the future hold for Sikeston football when these boys move on to high school and have lost the year's experience. I have a younger child in the Sikeston school system and wonder what the future holds for him when he wants to play football in junior high. Perhaps someone in charge needs to look into the matter and stay on top of problems like this before sports seasons have to be canceled. It is the right and fair thing to do for our kids.

Sikeston's eighth grade football team did cancel its season. Any questions you might have could be answered by the junior high school at (573) 471-0792.

I find it amazing that our country is possibly on the verge of going to war and the President of our country makes a national speech telling the country why we need to do this, but the major networks will not broadcast the President's speech. This just shows the liberals how biased the news media is.

When is the cleanup day for Sikeston for yard debris?

Residents may drop off their items from 7:30 a.m. till 6 p.m. today and Saturday and from 7:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Sunday at the Compost Site.

I am from Michigan and several of my friends and I were in Sikeston at the parade. We all agree it was horrible. We travel in RVs and so to Florida, Texas and valley in the winter. We took a lot of pictures of streets, houses and private clubs and we were shocked at one club in particular in Sikeston. They are pigs. Also what we saw coming out back down, we have it all on video. Not all are bad. There are a lot of good, moral, upstanding church-going people in your town. Thirty of us want to come back. Sikeston is supposedly a rich small town, farming, etc. Thanks. Just wanted you to know. My name is Charles and I live in Detroit, Mich.