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SpeakOut 1/23

Thursday, January 23, 2003

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I read in the Jan. 13 SpeakOut about "Will history repeat itself." Granted, it is the man's fault. He chose to leave his wife and kids on Christmas Day. He is the one who has to face his kids and remember that. But come on. Put some of the blame on the other woman. She knew he was married, so she sure isn't a prize herself. So maybe when she gets tired of him, the wife may get some satisfaction when she gives him the boot. This may not be the first family she has broken up. What happened to the vows "For better or worse?" Maybe the guilt will take over them both.

As I pulled into the license bureau in Miner on Jan. 15, I observed a Sikeston police officer coming out of the building and getting into his police car. His car was parked in front of the building in a handicapped parking spot. He didn't appear handicapped. Would this same officer give someone else a ticket for parking illegally in a designated parking area?

Why can't the Food Giant Corporation and Pepsi-Cola do something about the prices here in town? Five dollars for 12 cans is simply outrageous!

If the Miner Police Department wants to write speeding tickets all they have to do is come sit here on Lucas Street. They can write about half a dozen every day.

I read the article, "Stop housing program." I loved the article. I am not on Section 8 but I work for a landlord and they like Section 8 because they can jack up the prices to higher than what the houses are worth and the government will gladly pay it. Some of the houses are not fit to live in. We just sweep the dirt in the closet and rent them out, and they rent out quick.

Yellow Dog Democrats are always hollering that Bush didn't finish the job in Iraq. What about Truman in Korea? He fired MacArthur and sent him home. He just wanted to pussy-foot around and got a lot of people killed and lost the war. So wake up, Democrats.

I suppose the best way to sum up this economy, stock market, corporate rip-offs. Pretty simple. I trust Mr. Bush with my daughter. I trust Mr. Clinton with my job.

I am commenting on the Jan. 15 Your View, "Stop housing program." I agree with some of the writer's comments but Sikeston doesn't pay for any of this. It doesn't cost Sikeston anything. The good old boys and lobbyists have done this for years. The certain money people here who own the shacks that are put up as public housing for people who live like dogs because the rent is so high, this is a problem that Sikeston has lived off well for many years. The subsidies and Uncle Sam bringing in a check every month. I think the whole government is paying for this more than the city of Sikeston is. If people from the high employment areas could come to Sikeston and see where their tax dollars are going, how the money is being wasted and how nobody cares, I think they would be raising holy hell.