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SpeakOut 1/22

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

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People who are truly pro-life believe that life is a precious thing given by God. When you realize that life is sanctified and given by God, then you try to protect the lives of everyone. First, you try to protect the lives of the innocent. After that, you try to protect the lives of everyone, even convicted murderers. These convicted murderers are in prison where they can't get to anybody or hurt anybody. Let them live in a locked cell for the rest of their natural lives. Let them live there until God calls them home.

Whatever happened to the story about the superintendent at the Southeast Correctional Center who had her employees go to a political rally? I know that's an illegal act. I wonder if anything happened to that.

The Department of Corrections' investigation into the matter is complete, according to Tim Kniest, chief public information officer for the DOC. The matter has been addressed, but DOC officials "can not discuss specifics" as it relates to personnel, according to Kniest. Donna Y. McCondichie remains in her position as superintendent for the SECC, Kniest confirmed.

I am 58 years old and disabled with COPD, lyme disease and other ailments and my disabled daughter lives with me. They say we can't get Meals on Wheels because I'm not old enough. If a person is disabled, they're disabled. I don't understand why certain people can get it and others can't. Can somebody answer this for me? Who can I contact?

We did some checking for you. Recipients of the Meals on Wheels program must be 60 years old or older and funding is no longer available to extend this service to disabled residents.

I would like to have this information printed in SpeakOut. Just recently my parent decided to make funeral arrangements at a local funeral home. During the process we were advised that Sikeston Memorial Gardens has a new price listing. When we went to inquire about the cost I was surprised to find out that if the grave was open on a Saturday, the cost was $745 and if on a Sunday, the cost was $990. Any other day of the week the cost was $495. If the funeral home does not charge more on a weekend, how can the cemetery get by with the higher price? This needs to be challenged by anyone who owns a lot in the Sikeston Garden of Memories, Sikeston Memorial Park, or Forest Hill Memorial Gardens. During the death of a loved one is hard enough, but to find out that the cost to bury them is doubled is taking advantage of the situation.

When people who speak against Bush are labeled as unpatriotic, well, it seems to me the same thing was said to the German's people who questioned Hitler.

Peace on Earth would take a whole new meaning if in the Autumn and Kennedy areas, two families would stop their dogs from constantly barking. Someone said people who have barking dogs must surely be deaf. Those of us who are serenaded daily by these two animals certainly agree with that.