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SpeakOut 1/21

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Call 471-6636

I want to SpeakOut about our President. Bush does not worry about anything, only getting even. He is money hungry. He wants oil. That is the reason for the move. Gore would have been a much better president. I can hardly wait until Bush gets voted out. I think he sure is making it hard on the poor when poor people lose their jobs. He has studied the U.S. banks at least 25 years. He needs to be trying to improve the economy and not having war. Lots of us have lost our jobs and can't find one because there are no jobs to be found. There is going to be worse killing than ever this year. Prisons will not hold them all. Farmers are going out of business every day because they can't make it. Food is also going sky high. This world will not last much longer.

I would like to SpeakOut about the Delmar polling place. Why do they change the polling place so much? Now they have us voting down in the worst part of town. Elderly people won't go down there and vote for fear of having the windows knocked out of their cars or being shot. Does the city need their tax bill passed so bad that they keep the old people away from the polls?

This is to a person I know. I hope you think you're doing a great big thing when you go around telling people that your parents are lying about something you said, and when you come out to their house, and the way you're doing the family that you used to have. As far as everybody else, you're always say you didn't say anything those people said you said that you told them. You ought to stand up to the facts and get your prerogatives in a straight line.

I'm calling about there not being any 24-hour restaurants left in Sikeston. It's sad that in a town of 17,000 people there is no place to eat in the middle of the night. I can't figure out why Sikeston, of all places, cannot have 24-hour restaurants. Cape Girardeau does and even Portageville has a 24-hour-a-day restaurant. It's a sad day for Sikeston.

I read the SpeakOut article about the priests leaving to be prosecuted. They need to be strung by the heels to use their position to abuse children. That's sick. But what about the parents who brainwash their children to believe their priest is next to God and you have to be what they want you to be. Some may have even told their parents, but of course, not the good priest. He wouldn't do that. If I had been a parent like that, I would be ashamed that my child was put in such a position. If it were any other church pastor or minister would be prosecuted. So let these sick priests be prosecuted. What if that was your child?

I used to work at a place in Sikeston. We worked our butts off and the employer didn't even give us a Christmas dinner or a bonus, but they took up money from the employees to buy the employer a gift. Don't you think the employer should look at how much work his employees did for him? He could have showed his appreciation by giving them a Christmas bonus. Maybe he could have kept his employees if he had shown his appreciation for the hard work they do. What is wrong with the employers in Sikeston? Come on. Get your act together and treat your employees right. We are the ones who make the money for you to live on and the vehicles you drive. We could do the same thing if we were treated right.

I want to commend the Ramada restaurant for the new food and new buffet. The food is great and the service has been greatly improved. It's a good place to eat and has good prices.