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SpeakOut 1/20

Monday, January 20, 2003

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Regarding the case before the Supreme Court about the University of Michigan Affirmative Action Program, if you have a perfect SA, you get 3 points; if you have a perfect score on the ACT or SAT, you get 12 points; if your skin is of a certain color, you get 20 points. Using this perverted logic, I think we need to change the rules of the game of basketball. If a player of color makes a goal, they get the appropriate points, however if a white player shoots and just hits the rim, then his play will be counted as made. It's the same logic.

This President is just an opportunist willing to trade human blood for gasoline. I hope there's a special place in hell waiting for him. If this war starts with Iraq, he is the promoter of it.

I am ashamed of Bush. On a television interview the other day, the reporter asked Bush why he was wanting war with Iraq and his stupid answer was, "They tried to kill my father." That was a stupid reason. I wouldn't want my father killed, but there are thousands of others and their families left behind, we may as well get ready for worse things. He better think about his life after death. He needs to be working on the economy here in the U.S. There are so many people without jobs and insurance. We can't afford to go to the doctor and if we go and need surgery, we sure can't have surgery because we have no way of paying for it. That's the first thing they ask, how are you going to pay for this? How much can you afford? If you don't have a job or insurance and don't have any money, how can you afford to have the surgery. You'll just have to die. Bush needs to wipe away the smirky grin on his face and start looking to heaven and pray. Maybe God will listen. I'll bet if he had boys, they wouldn't have to go to service or overseas. He never did. He is such a coward. It will take the U.S. to regain everything back after his stupidity.

Illinois Gov. George Ryan made some mistakes during his administration. But I applaud him for being truly pro-life. Anybody who can say the lives of convicted murderers is precious knows the lives of unborn babies to other people are precious. This is through real pro-life being pro-life for everyone. Now that we know these convicted murderers are in prison, just make sure they stay there and don't ever let them out.