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Speakout 1/19

Sunday, January 19, 2003

I'm calling about the Jan. 10 basketball game, Sikeston versus Charleston in Charleston. Yes, Charleston won. That's good, but that's not why I'm calling. The reason I'm calling is because when a varsity game is in town that everybody is anxious to see, there's usually a lot of room. Why is it when I, a person who was anxious to see the game and went to Charleston, they locked the doors and said it was too crowded? That's not our fault. They should have had the game in Sikeston. I am very upset because I drove all that way for nothing. The next time a big game is coming up, you should have it in a bigger place. It is not our fault that your gym isn't big enough.

This is to the person who is wasting their money and time making privacy management calls to our home to tell their little gossip and little stories. You missed the point. My mother is 167 miles away in a critical cardiac care unit. So do us all a favor. When her doctors call it's privacy management. That's when we have to answer it. We do not have time for your stupidity. If it were your mother, you wouldn't want to get these calls too. So spare us the bull crap, at least until we get her home, because she is very seriously ill and I'm not going to take the messages that you give. So you go have yourself a ball and forget this phone number because there are ways to have your calls traced, even though you use a privacy number.

In the Jan. 12 issue, the so-called Charleston alumni individual from the Charleston Bluejays talking about the basketball program, and said he don't like it. I know coach Farmer and know his family and I know his skills. Right now, the program is doing very well. If you were much of an alumni, you would support whoever the coach is. So let your ego go. Sure McFerren was a good coach, but that's past. Coach Farmer is the best for those kids and they're doing a good job. So let go of your ego and back these Charleston boys and girls. Coach Farmer, you're doing a heck of a job and I back you 110 percent.