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Speakout 12/29

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rumsfeld told the truth on our military. You go to war with what you've got. That's what we did in Korea. Harry Truman shipped us in with nothing but M-1s and 2.5 rocket launchers that would bounce right off the Soviet tanks like something bouncing off a concrete drive. It's not just this group. Truman and his boys and as far back as you can remember, you went to war with what you had.

Today is Dec. 21 and I was wondering why the highway department was not out early this morning, checking the road conditions. There should have been some trucks out. The roads were very slippery in spots and a young man was killed in Sikeston because of the slippery roads. I was just wondering why there was nobody out to maybe help prevent things like this.

Call the Missouri Department of Transportation Customer Service Center toll-free at (888) 275-6636 and they will be able to explain the process for treating roads in inclement weather.

Why does a person who steals a dime or something get 10 years when a murderer gets out in 5-7 years?

The courts judge the individual case, however, past criminal activity is also taken into consideration. That is the only information SpeakOut can offer. You should contact the prosecutor or court involved in the case you're calling about.

I would like to thank a number of young Sikeston men for showing some real Christmas spirit. I got stranded in the snow at the intersection of Salcedo and North Kingshighway. Five young men literally jumped out and were very willing to help in the cold wind. They pushed me out and got me free and on my way. I couldn't get their names because we were in such a hurry, but I really want to thank these young men. I really do appreciate all they did for me. I was the guy in the black Polara.

I am calling to thank Governor Holden for our highway departments. We have roads down here by Risco that haven't even been touched and some of them are main roads. In years past the roads were maintained properly. I guess the state doesn't have the money now or something, even though we are taxed to death but don't have the money even to run a snow plow down the road. I'm not talking about secondary roads; I'm talking about the main roads.

This is in regard to the city's choice for solid waste disposal. My trash days are Monday and Thursday. There are three Monday holidays and Thanksgiving within a year. Yet I am charged the full amount for trash pickup for each of these days. Why does my bill not reflect a savings that I should receive for services not rendered?

You would have to call the Board of Municipal Utilities or Sonny's Solid Waste to get an answer to that question.

This is an answer to "Curious," which asked if person can be a Christian and a Democrat too. The answer is "no." Democrats break all the commandments and the main one is "do not desire another man's house, do not desire his wife, his slaves, his cattle, his donkey or anything else that he owns." That means they can't go to heaven.