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SpeakOut 1/10

Friday, January 10, 2003

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It seems the Church does not care that the priests abused children. Now the Boston archdiocese is asking the judge to dismiss all priests' sexual abuse lawsuits. Bishop Richard Lennon said the motion was intended to have the Church do everything it can do in its own defense. A motion argued that the Constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion precludes any state action in the abuse scandal. I would recommend this. Any man who does this type of abuse would be tried in court and if found guilty, would go to jail. Therefore, put the priests on trial. If they are found guilty, they can go to jail. Then they can find out all about sexual abuse the hard way. One week they can be the mommy, the next week they can be the daddy. Enough said.

Congratulations to the Buckeyes on a perfect season and best of all win. You did what many people thought couldn't be done in defeating the Miami Hurricanes. We'll enjoy this for years to come. Way to go, Bucks!

I saw in the Standard Democrat on Jan. 3 where Dick Gephardt has decided to put his name in the plate for president in 2004. The article said your father was one of the big labor leaders in St. Louis and that you're for organized labor. What I want to know is, what is organized labor going to help the counties and cities in the state of Missouri do about losing all these factories? We've been sold down the river by the Republican Party for the past few years and other countries are getting our factories and giving us nothing in return. I want you to work hard and do something to turn this around if you are elected.

This is addressed to all you pot-heads out there who advocate the legalization of innocent marijuana cigarettes. I'll make you a deal. You figure out how to make nicotine brownies and then I'll quit smoking and you can have your pot. Then we'll all be happy. Does that sound like a deal you can't refuse? Take me up on it.

I am agreeing with the person in SpeakOut about the challenges disabled people have to endure. It is degrading to try to hold a job in this so-called real world. The main thing the public has is, if you're disabled, that means you're mentally challenged. If you're married with children, you are automatically labeled a dysfunctional family. If you're married that makes it even worse. If you try to get help for your needs from the government, forget it. Your spouse should take care of you, regardless of income. We may be different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside and that's what gives me the courage to go out and smile to each of you so-called normal people in the real world.