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Speakout 12/15

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Someone in SpeakOut said the Chamber of Commerce had recommended Spanky's Cab Company to them. They've been taking me for several years and you can't beat them. They are so nice, polite and helpful. It's really a good company.

As a taxpayer in Missouri, I want our pledge with "Under God" to stay in our public schools. If the atheist doesn't want it, he can home school his child. It's time for the majority of Americans to rule and keep God in our country and in our schools.

I don't know who answers the SpeakOut columns, but the one who answered the request for George Bush's IQ on Dec. 1, I loved that one. I wish I'd thought of it myself.

I'm terribly disappointed in the person who did not come to the police station and give a report on the cat that was thrown out the window on the way from Morley on Dec. 7. I think we have a Scott County prosecutor who will prosecute animal abuse cases like that and I'm really sorry that they didn't choose to do so.

The Sikeston Community Christmas Campaign tries to help so many needy people. It's a shame that people in need demand new stuff for their children and toys and clothes and all. Good used toys and used clothing are just as good. But some of these people are just ungrateful. They've been given so much already. What Mike Jensen said is really true. Some go from one generation to another, getting all this free stuff. Some just take and take and take and don't even say thank you.

2004 race begins

In the Dec. 9 Standard Democrat, I saw where Matt Blunt is talking about running on the Republican ticket for governor in 2004. I think Matt would make a good one, but I think Peter Kinder down here in the Bootheel would make a better one. Peter, this is your chance to really do your stuff. We haven't had a good governor in Missouri from the Bootheel since Warren E. Hearnes. That's been many a moon ago. Warren made a good governor. Why don't you think about it until spring. It looks like we may have two or three or more running on the Republican ticket. I think you would make a good governor.