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SpeakOut 1/2

Thursday, January 2, 2003

Call 4471-6636

I would like to SpeakOut about a local greeting card place. I am under a doctor's care and when I was in the store, I needed to use the restroom. A girl in there had a very smart attitude when I asked to use the restroom. I think there should be a law that places of business provide a public restroom. I don't have a disease of any kind and this was very rude. I won't be back.

Caller, SpeakOut cannot name the business to which you referred. You need to call the store and speak with the manager about your experience.

Whoever changed the sign in front of the eye doctor's office, you're not funny. Don't bother trying to do it again because it won't stay up. Nobody needs to read your nasty message.

Every time I see Richard Yang's picture in the paper where he's wanted for murder, it makes me mad. He murdered his wife (he beat her to death if I remember right). They let him out to take care of some business. Did they really think he would come back? He's probably in China now. They've been after him ever since he left. Maybe they'll do different somebody is wanted for murder and won't let them out.

I live out of town and a friend told me I should try the Mexican restaurant next to Big Lots in Sikeston. The people there were so nice and friendly, I left there smiling. You don't find this much anymore, and the place was cleaner than most, too. At my friend's advice, I tried a taco burger and was amazed at how big it was and how fresh it tasted. He told me they prepare their food fresh each day. And you wouldn't believe how red and juicy the tomatoes were. If they had had black olives, I would have been in heaven for sure. It's just a suggestion, but if the place had some Mexican pictures or artifacts decorating the inside, I would really feel like I was in Mexico with my big sombrero hat on. Keep up the good work.

I hear the Jaycees are going to have team roping. I think it's a good idea and will sell a lot of tickets.

To veterans of the military, there is something I don't understand. We have personnel surrounding something like seven countries around Iraq. We are protecting these countries, and they despise the American people. They hate the American people. They have the no-fly zone there where Iraq can't fly its planes. Why are we putting our military personnel lives on the line to defend us when they don't want us over there? But we're over there protecting those countries anyway. Why are we spending all these billions and billions of dollars when that money could be used for healthcare or something here? If anybody has some answers, I would really appreciate it. I respect all of our military and especially those who fought in Vietnam because they didn't get any respect when they came back.