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SpeakOut 1/3

Friday, January 3, 2003

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East Prairie is getting new TV channels. Will the TV guide in the Sunday Standard Democrat be correct with these added channels?

The channel selections in the guide are consistent with cable service in Sikeston. For other towns, the TV call letters may not be the same channel numbers as in your area.

"Prosecutors are urged to fight against legalizing drugs like marijuana." I only had to read the first paragraph of this joke before I decided that I had to complain about this crap. Over the years I've come to expect the American War on Drugs! propaganda but this pathetic excuse at journalism is laughable; to say the least. "Those who support drug legalization are well funded and highly adept at manipulating the media." Right. Did they completely and ignorantly forget the days of reefer madness? Now just try and tell that didn't manipulate the people. It's people like Scott Welton who are fueling this American hysteria!

This is in response to your article titled "Prosecutors to fight against legalizing marijuana." It is appalling that you are willing to publish ONDCP propaganda so willingly. I don't think marijuana should be completely legalized, but the statements in your article are outrageous. It is possible to manipulate statistics to support just about any crazy theory - especially when you ignore the fact that correlation does not imply causation. If you are a journalist, make sure to research your topic and never take what the government says for granted. The main problem with the War on Drugs is that it focuses too much on marijuana; and the current administration is only making it worse. The simple fact is that marijuana is by far the safest of all recreational drugs. A decriminalization plan is that it will cut budgets throughout the government - this is the real crisis that Washington is attacking. Let people grow it themselves for personal in-home use, and prosecute what is really dangerous - large-scale dealing, driving under the influence of pot or giving it to children. This also should be up to individual states to decide. Ninety-nine percent of the problems with marijuana have to do with what the government does to users who are caught; not the drug itself. If someone has a drug problem, why does Washington feel such a need to kick the user down even harder?

If the prosecutors of this country are going to declare war against the democratic system of checks and balances, to prioritize marijuana over rape, domestic violence, child abuse, murder, robbery and embezzlement, then this is an outrage that hurts every real crime victim in this nation. Crime victims - and I mean victims of real crime - need to rise up against these people and get them out of office and get some prosecutors employed who have some understanding of what it means to be a victim of a real crime, who won't put White House politics above the horrific suffering and injustice that victims of real crime experience. Every victim of a real crime in this country needs to get up in arms about this. This is an outrage. What kind of country are we becoming where marijuana tops rape and murder and even child abuse as a concern for prosecutors?

How can marijuana pose the greatest threat when drugs like alcohol kills 150,000 a year and ciggs kill 400,000 and marijuana has not been shown to kill anyone? You know the real reason is because if it was legal the drug companies would lose money and fuel from hemp would take money away from oil, and we all know money rules the world cause it is full of greed. President Bush likes drunks because they don't think on their own and will fight his wars - wars about oil. He hates a peaceful stoner that uses his brain and calls them terrorists. I am sure Bush and Hitler will be good friends in the next life.