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Speakout 3/14

Thursday, March 14, 2002

call 4471-6636

There is something wrong with a state's government that declares an economic emergency in Missouri and then wants to turn around and pay millions of dollars for athletic stadiums to pay for athletes that make anywhere from $150,000 to $10 million a year, and pay for it by taxing people who work in Missouri and make minimum wage. When are we going to wake up in Missouri and quit paying this enormous amount of money when they're taxing the poor people who are working for a living?

This is in regard to the caller of vital concerns from East Prairie where some girls were caught at a dance, where three were intoxicated with alcohol and two with drugs. The caller said the three with alcohol were made to take a breathalyzer but the two with marijuana didn't have to. The reason was because marijuana doesn't show up on a breathalyzer and the city has to pay to have a blood test run to see if there is drugs in the blood system and they need to do that immediately.

I live in East Prairie and I know the election signs around town represent their candidates well. They are always laying down on the job.

I thought it was interesting when I read that two black residents clarifying "response" were complaining that a recent SpeakOut call and the response was racist. It was pointed out after their comment that neither the SpeakOut caller nor the SpeakOut comment said anything about race. It looks like racism is in the eye of the beholder. Anything that is said about welfare, some black people assume you're talking about them. It seems that some black people only equate welfare with black people - that would be racism.

Gephardt is so worried about what's going on in their health care. I'm self-employed and they don't help me one bit with my healthcare. I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to keep it. It costs more than $600 a month for me and my family.

Down with Tom Daschle. He's an obstructionist and a friend of the Taliban and starving the Indians on the Pine River Reservation. I've got kinfolks there. I know. He's from South Dakota and he don't do his job.

Over the last year you have listed hundreds of wanted people in the paper, yet you have not informed us of anyone that has been captured. Have any of these people been found? Have any of them turned themselves in? Has there been any reader tips that led to the arrest of any of these people? These are things we want to know. Take up a little space and keep us informed.

We ran a story late last year about the Most Wanted column. The fact that some suspects have been caught doesn't necessarily mean they have been charged or are in the custody of the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. When DPS informs us of the suspect's capture and/or arrest, that person's name is then taken off the list.