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Speakout 4/17

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Call 471-6636

I am looking for a custodian or handyman job. If anyone out there needs help, please put your number in SpeakOut.

I was going to buy a set of tools at Kmart a few days ago. The price was $32 and 10 percent off. I went back to buy it and they marked it up to $39 with 10 percent off. That just don't seem like the way to go out of business.

Today is Sunday and I went to Kmart. I was in there last Monday and the same little item I wanted today is about 25 percent higher than it was on Monday and they're only giving a 10 percent discount today. It hardly seems fair for them to mark it up so you can buy it cheaper. How can you be buying it cheaper like this?

To the person who called about handicapped parking should be for people in wheelchairs, well, there are other reasons people need handicapped parking stickers too. Some people have heart problems, some have breathing problems and that's why they have handicapped stickers. I imagine this caller is a younger person who drives like a bat, like all the people in this town do. If everyone would slow down there would be less accidents, or if they wouldn't go on red lights, they would have less wrecks. It seems to me that the more young ones you see out there driving, the more speeders you see.

I have lost the phone number for the Cancer Walk.

Call Janet Hudspeth, chair for the Scott County Relay for Life set for May 17-18 at 472-3911 or the Sikeston American Cancer Society at 471-1823.

East Prairie voters, you have a forked tongue like a snake and speak with a lie. Why is it that East Prairie voters cannot tell the truth? They always, I mean always, speak with a forked tongue.

This is directed to the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. I was in town for about two hours this morning and I counted five utility trailers loaded with various things being pulled with no visible license plates and no turn signals at stoplights. How is it possible that they don't pull them over?