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Speakout 5/16

Thursday, May 16, 2002

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There's not enough nice people in the world to go around, but Sikeston just lost another very, very nice one, a registered nurse named Phyllis Watkins. I went to work with her in 1968 at the Diagnostic Clinic. At first she was on the night shift, midnight to 8 a.m. The first night we went to work, she told everybody on the shift, "I will never ask any of you girls to do anything I will not do myself." And believe me, she didn't. No matter how dirty the job was, she was right there helping the licensed practical nurses and the aides. She stood there when we had to iron the children's clothes when there were no laundry workers. She stood and ironed at night and she had trouble with her back and legs but she still took her turn at ironing, ironing, ironing. She was one nice lady and as sweet as she could be - one of the nicest RNs I've ever met in my life.

Why were there so many police and deputy cars at Kate Street on May 8? When I passed by, I saw four police and sheriff's deputy cars at the same time and a man was put into a police car. What are the police trying to cover up? If there's even a fight in Sunset, KFVS is down here and the Standard has it on the front page of the paper. Why hasn't anything come out in the paper or on television about the trouble in the 200 block of Kate Street in Sikeston?

We cannot release any information until the Sikeston Department of Public Safety gives it to us. Reports are issued by them, not by the news media.

This for freeloaders. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just left a club that had a nice free breakfast for mothers and I saw two mothers who had their plates piled high with food. They put most of it in their purses and then went back for more. They thought they weren't seen, but they have been seen all over town doing this. These are women who drive new cars and live in a nice part of town. They are not women who are destitute. They just want two or three free meals from one. Even though it is all-you-can-eat, it doesn't mean it's all-you-can-take-home in your big purse too. Ladies, please don't put any more on your plate than you can eat. If you do this so you can take it home, that is stealing. People are seeing and talking. Some places even dread to see you come in. Ladies, don't you know that this is low?

This is to all those farmers who decided to work on Mother's Day on Sunday morning. You got a lot of those holes planted, and then what happened? It rained 3-inches. Ha! You should have gone to church.

Monday morning it rained early. Big rain before dawn. And now it's Tuesday morning and Northcut ditch is still overflowing its banks. We need to clean out the ditch. Will the county commissioners see to it that it gets cleaned out?