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Speakout 10-13

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Everyone who is affected by the bill about Medicaid should write, now, to Gov. Bob Holden and Sen. Jean Carnahan, Rep. JoAnn Emerson, State Rep. Peter Myers and State Rep. Lanie Black. Please put their addresses in the paper.

Gov. Bob Holden, State Capitol, Jefferson City, Mo. 65102; Sen. Jean Carnahan, 517 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510; Rep. JoAnn Emerson, 326 Cannon Building, Washington, D.C. 20515; 160th District State Rep. Peter Myers, State Capitol, 201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, Mo. 65101; 161st District State Rep. Lanie Black, Room 101-I State Capitol, Jefferson City, Mo. 65101.

Events like the one where two guys attacked the K.C. Royals coach will definitely lead to beer being banned in ballparks. Then people will have to carry their friends into the game instead of out of it.

Someone in SpeakOut asked the Standard Democrat to find out why "DAEOC ... and the counties are supposed to help disabled and senior citizens before helping people who are welfare recipients." Here is some information we would like to share with you. DAEOC provides various services to residents in six counties in Missouri, including the Energy Crisis Intervention Program which operates according to poverty guidelines. Funding for this program is limited and service is based on monthly incomes of $895 (for a one-person household); $1,209 for a two-person household; $1,524 for three persons; $1,829 for four; and $2,153 for five. Statistics for New Madrid and Mississippi counties indicate a large number of senior citizens and people with disabilities were served this year. Of the 810 families served in Mississippi County during the winter and summer programs this year, 317 were disabled and 317 were senior citizens; in New Madrid County, 439 families were served of which 284 were senior citizens and 295 included disabled in the households. It is not our policy to deny anyone service who meets our guidelines. However there are periods when funds are not available at the time the individual or family calls for assistance. We receive a budget that has stringent federal guidelines that are monitored monthly by the funding source. Available funds cannot be withheld for any particular group of individuals. Our programs are available to anyone who meets the qualifying guidelines. DAEOC has continued for the past 38 years to be an advocate for people who are struggling with disabilities and health problems; individuals and families who are working at low paying jobs; children; individuals living on fixed incomes and senior citizens in the Bootheel of Missouri. For more information about any DAEOC programs, call your local outreach office: Sikeston 471-4114; East Prairie 649-2441; New Madrid 748-5680; Dexter 624-8735.

If anyone is interested in a free stereo-television console for its parts, it's available at the Sikeston Area Humane Society, 1900 Compress Road.

I was talking to a friend today and what I heard really disturbed me. A woman was talking about how her son will not speak to her because of her son's wife. I made the same mistake four years ago when my daughter married a man who everyone in town had told me was a piece of dirt and that I should do anything and everything in my power to keep her from marrying him. Well, I did that. And because of that, I had not spoken to my daughter in four years. I called her and apologized and she forgave me. Now I have a loving relationship with my daughter. This woman really needs to think about what she has done because life is too short for this. You need to stop and realize what you did because I did and now I'm really happy. Call your son, tell him you're sorry and get your life on track because, honey, life is too short for this. I hope you learned from your mistake because I sure did. I'll pray for you.

What has happened to the memorial that was Jean Ann Eason's at the Ferguson Medical Group? She was the one who made the clinic what it is today. I was in there today and her picture and memorial spot have been erased completely.

To the person who is missing a cat in the vicinity of Kingshighway and Hunter Street, I was having trouble with my car and had a terrible smell coming into it. When I took the car to the service department, thinking it was the exhaust fumes, they found a dead cat under the hood. My wish is that owners of pets would take better care of them.

A week ago, our former pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church, the Rev. Amel Shibley, was buried at New Madrid. We were shocked at the news given by KFVS-TV reporter Kathy Sweeney. None of the good that Father had done was mentioned, such as reopening St. Francis School, which almost 200 students now attend. But the "alleged" molestation of a boy or boys many years ago was again put in the limelight. Shakespeare said it so well, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is often interred with their bones." Our Lord Jesus also said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Instead of so much bad news, it would be very uplifting to hear more good news on TV.

I disagree with the liquor tax as well as the cigarette tax. I think the perfect solution is to keep taxing all the restaurants, especially on Sundays and add an extra 10 percent to the families that don't control their children.

Yes, I am one of those litterbugs. No, I never asked for all the political and religious papers shoved into my hands while trying to watch the parade, so I left them behind. Sue me.

If I knew who you were, I would!

George Bush has been going around saying Democrats don't care about America's security. Rush Limbaugh has called Democrats the "real enemy of America" and also called them "cowards." I am outraged by these two draft dodgers questioning my patriotism. Republicans, here is my challenge to you. If you believe as Rush and Bush do, walk up to eye a Vietnam veteran, and tell them that if they are a Democrat, they are also a coward and unpatriotic. I can't wait to see how strongly you stand behind your idols.

Isn't it funny that you have relatives that you can invite to come visit and they tell you they don't have the gas to go on, but then you see them all around town running all over the place.