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Speakout 6/28

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm calling from Morehouse. Would the ones please who are putting signs up on the telephone poles on this corner, come and get them after you have the yard sale. I have picked them up all over the yard and we - the three here on the corner - try to keep our yard clean. I will be at the next board meeting to bring this up to see what can be done about it. Let's try to keep Morehouse looking decent.

I just came from the funeral of a dear friend that was killed by a 16-year-old that was speeding, ran a stoplight while talking on his cell phone. I would like everyone to think about the consequences of trying to beat the red light which is a big problem here in Sikeston and also to think about talking on the cell phone while driving. I'm not telling you to stop doing either but think about the consequences if something like that would happen to this 16-year-

old happened to you. At 16 years of age this boy is looking at vehicular manslaughter charges. This will change his life forever. He will not enjoy being young and doing fun things with his friends. He will pay for his actions and suffer the consequences. I ask the question: Could this be you? We all would like to think it would never happen to us, but it could. You could be the one hurt as well as the one at fault that would change your life forever. Again, is anything so important as to take another minute or not trying to beat the red light or pulling off the road to make you cell phone call. Think if you would like your future life changed like this 16-year-old's life is going to be changed.

This question is for MoDOT or whoever has the authority to answer it. How is that a few summers ago MoDOT could repave Business 60 between U.S. 60 and State Highway 114 and County Highway BB between 114 and County Highway ZZ but they can't repave all Highway 114 between Sikeston and Morehouse. It has been over 25 years since it has been completely repaved and County Highway BB has been done at least twice in that time. I'm sure the people from Sikeston and Morehouse alike who use this road daily would like to know.

I am wondering if there is anyone in this city who is having a problem like I am. I live by a house with several male children and they are out in their back yard playing basketball all hours of the day and night with their pants halfway down and hollering and cussing and carrying on. But you can't talk to their mother because their mother says it's just play. I was just wondering if anyway else has this problem. Since it is their own property, there is nothing legally I can do. Is there anyone with a suggestion for this?

I am calling in reference to the article you had in the paper about the singing at the church on July 8. I am interested in singing. My name is Corrine Johnson 481-9215.

Bad mail

When you have a regular life and somebody sends you an e-mail with bad content on it, everybody in the country is open to that. The reason I say that is I received an e-mail lately that had content that was so horrific I could not even look at it, could not open up the picture that was sent to me. Each and every person can be vulnerable to those kind of conditions. They can also be guilty of federal fines, for no reason at all, because somebody else sets them up. The government needs to pass more legislation to get this thing taken care of because one nightmare doesn't deserve another one.