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Speakout 6/27

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is for "Taking a side" in Wednesday's paper. Where do you work? Now tell the truth.

This is in response to the 6/19 'Government aids' posting. I am utterly shocked, yet not surprised, at the user's uneducated comments concerning a gentleman with TB and the "homosexual with HIV". I do believe that if I were you, I'd feel much more at ease in the company of a homosexual with HIV than the gentleman with TB. You see, TB is an airborne disease and HIV is a bloodborne pathogen. As with TB, the bacteria get into the air when someone who has a tuberculosis lung infection coughs, sneezes, shouts, or spits (which is common in some cultures). People who are nearby can then possibly breathe the bacteria into their lungs. HIV is transmitted via infected bodily fluids ie. blood, semen, IV injections, fluids from the vagina or breast milk. Now, with that said, perhaps you are more educated on the basic facts of TB and HIV. With this said, unless you plan on having unprotected sex, breast feed or share a needle to shoot up with the 'homosexual with HIV,' your chances of remaining disease free are 100% greater than simply sitting next to the gentleman with TB. You should just hope he doesn't shout at you for being so closed minded and ignorant of the risks between the two diseases.

I would like to see your paper get into the idea Cape's paper has and that's letting the people comment on the articles written daily it is a great way to see who reads the paper and the feed back it receives on an individual basis. I guess Sikeston is to one sided for this though heck you can't even put a Speakout in the paper by Internet like in Cape

You put this Speakout in via Internet and also commented using the World Wide Web. So can others. They can contact us at standem@yahoo.com.