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Speakout 2/24

Sunday, February 24, 2002

We are in vital need of help and the law is not doing it. People talk about the west end of Sikeston being so bad. What about the west end in Morehouse? It's one big crack house and you never see the law out there in Morehouse in New Madrid County. The only time you see the law is the state patrol. Please print this and let the people in Morehouse know we've got to clean up our act. Please have New Madrid County at least circle the area to make our neighborhood safe.

I live in East Prairie and am very ashamed of some of the eyesores. As you come into East Prairie, close to the school, there are old cars parked there and we like our town to look nice. People try to get out and plant flowers and beautify our town, but you can drive all over town and there is so much junk piled up in the yards. I think the authorities need to get off their butts and get some of these eyesores cleaned up.

I'm calling about the arcade on Smith Street. The way people are saying something is wrong and the cops come up here and try to find something wrong. The teen-agers who come up here are good and Jimmy, the owner, enforces his rules and they say he doesn't, but he does. He gives the teen-agers a place to hang out now.

This is to the clerks out there who are working in the stores. Have you forgotten how to count change? When you give change back to the customer, don't give it back to them all at once. Count the change back. That's just professional business.

I am need of a couch and chair but cannot afford to buy one. If anyone has one they want to give away, please call me at 471-1777.

It's been about a year now, and I still question my high school friend's death. His name was Jason Robinson and it was inhumane what happened to him. Not only does his family need justice, I need it as well. I have not forgotten Jason but I feel the police department has. The worst criminals we seem to have are Sikeston's Most Wanted for contempt of court.

I am so sick to my stomach of people having children and hurting for nothing they did wrong. Either they're mad at their boyfriends or husbands. Welfare does nothing to them when you call them - they just turn it around on you. If you cannot treat your children with respect and the way they need to be treated, then you really don't need to have kids. The children didn't do anything wrong. The government needs to clamp down on them. If you're reading this, then you know who I'm speaking to. May God be with you each and every day of your life, and I hope you have God in your heart and soul.

I am looking for a New Age Church in the Sikeston area. If there is any in the Sikeston area that teaches this religion, please put the address and phone number of the church in SpeakOut.