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SpeakOut 7/23

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Call 471-6636

This is in response to "Unheard of" in the July 14 SpeakOut about paying 43 cents for a glass of water. I work at a restaurant here in the Sikeston area and the 43 cents is for the cup, water, ice and straw. We have had people who come in the restaurant and basically sit and drink the water and never buy anything else. I think 43 cents is a good idea. We only charge 35 cents and are on the west end of town. You can't have people come and sit in your establishment and take up your air and your seats just to drink water. Therefore, 43 cents seems a very small price to pay for air, straw, cup, water, ice and the friendly service that you get. Thank you for your business.

Someone asked if there was anyone in the area who sells Watkins. I live in Portageville and am a Watkins dealer. My number is (573) 379-3864.

Doug Friend, if you're over two years old, you know insurance companies don't run right out and pay $400,000 on a claim unless they figure in going to court it's going to cost them $600,000. You didn't do yourself or the city any good by appearing on TV with something that you just didn't understand.

I just read the July 14 article and was astounded by the article about the lawsuit against the health department. I just want to know who the Montgomerys and the group of pastors think use the Scott County Health Department? I have a two-income family, I have two cars, I live outside of Oran. I didn't know it was the Sikeston health department, I thought it was the Scott County Health Department for all the people of Scott County. It just looks to me like this is something these people just don't understand.

In response to "Judge by cover," I called about the overweight policeman I saw at Wal-Mart. I'm not judging his character. I'm judging his ability. Get real.

I would like to thank Chief Juden and his department for all the good work they're doing down here on the west end. For the last two weeks, we have been able to sleep every night without any racket. Again, thanks a lot!