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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Report undermines 'stolen' vote claims

Thursday, May 30, 2002

"The truth just doesn't conform to the perception promoted by the Democrats."

Well, well, well. I'm just a bit confused here folks. As I recall, there was a great outcry from the Democratic party over the results of the 2000 presidential election in Florida where the Republicans "stole" the election from Al Gore by turning away thousands of would-be Democratic votes in three southern Florida counties. The Democrats lobbied long and hard over the thousands of disenfranchised voters who were blockaded by police from voting.

But a funny thing happened this week when the Department of Justice issued their final report on the fiasco in southern Florida. It seems that the "thousands" of disenfranchised voters who were denied their voting privileges turned out to be 26 voters.

"While the Civil Rights Division discovered evidence of significant confusion and delay in the three counties, there were relatively few voters who actually did not vote because of these problems," according to the report.

The DOJ report says a lack of bilingual workers in these three counties made for delays and confusion but that only a handful of voters walked away without voting. That runs counter to the Democrats' charge that thousands of their stalwarts were denied the voting privileges.

Democratic party poll watchers had charged in one county that 140 voters had difficulty casting ballots. But the Justice Department investigated and found that in every single instance these voters were referred to the Supervisor of Elections office and every single voter cast a ballot.

But don't expect to read this report in the New York Times or the other patsies for the Democratic party. The truth just doesn't conform to the perception promoted by the Democrats.

There should be an outcry from this report. Those party loyalists who tried desperately to drive a wedge into the American public should be held to great public scorn. The Carvilles of the left should be forced to answer why they tried to inflame Florida voters with untruths and half-truths. And someone needs to fully explain how those "thousands" of non-voters turn out to be these 26 identified by the Department of Justice.

We can all agree that something was rotten about the 2000 election process. It just seems that the stench comes from an obvious source.

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