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Friday, February 22, 2002

Call 471-6636

I think the farmers who survived the Reagan days, if they survive the Bush days, they're tough. I don't think what they're going to do is a bad deal.

In regards to the Feb. 14 SpeakOut, it was 100,000 Islams were in training in the terrorist war. I'm sure your editor was responsible for printing 100.

Thank you for correcting the information. The caller had said "100."

What length of time do the Olympics last?

The closing ceremony for the Olympics is Sunday.

Ask anyone when a new stock listing is put on the New York Stock Exchange if you or me could buy shares on the first offering and you'll find that you cannot. Only the insiders get the first stock options.

"If the caller is referring to IPO's (Initial Public Offering of common stock) that becomes "hot" (i.e.: a public offering which trades at a premium immediately after the distribution process commences), NASD's rules prohibit officers, directors, insiders, employees and their immediate family members in the brokerage industry from purchasing into a "hot" issue. "Hot" issues typically go to the broker's best clients. If the issue is not "hot," anyone can participate as long as there are shares available." - Dean Wooden, financial advisor, Raymond James Financial Services Inc., Sikeston.

Does Missouri have the three-strike law?

We contacted Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon's office with your question and this is what we learned. "Missouri has enhanced penalties for people who are convicted of felonies who have had prior felony convictions. A person who is convicted of a dangerous felony (such as first degree arson, first degree assault, forcible rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping, second degree murder or first degree robbery), will have to serve a minimum of 85 percent of the sentence. For felonies other than those mentioned, a person with a previous felony conviction would have to serve a minimum of 40 percent of the sentence; those with two previous felony convictions are required to serve 50 percent of the sentence; and convicted felons with three or more previous felonies serve 80 percent of the sentence. First degree murder cases are determined in a different manner and the sentences are either life without parole or the death penalty. (Section 558.019 Revised Statutes of Missouri)."

Where is the boy who killed his stepfather over here on Fifth Street? I'd like to know where he is at. Will somebody please put it in the paper?

According to the Scott County prosecutor's office, he is still in custody and the case will be reviewed this spring.

This is to Charter Cable customers. Am I the only one of us who thinks premium channel subscribers should be entitled to receive a printed TV guide? I asked them about this at their office and was told that they wanted us to use their new interactive channel instead. While the interactive is just fine for what's on right now, or for the next few hours, I think it is a poor substitute for a monthly guide. The interactive guide won't tell me alphabetically what movies are listed for the month or how many times they will air. The printed guide also had a little synopsis for each movie. If you use only the interactive channel, the chances of seeing a movie that only airs once are slim to none. Heck, they charged us for the premium guide anyway, so why can't we still at least have a choice? Maybe Sikeston does need a different cable TV company.

The numbers to call for Luciere's Cosmetics are (573) 683-6376 and 683-3634.

My dog "Blackie" was in the dog pound in August or September. I want to know if he is still living or if somebody adopted him. Call me at 481-0666.

Call the Sikeston Bootheel Humane Society at 471-4801.