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Speakout 4/7

Sunday, April 7, 2002

What happens to past local high school athletes who enter the college level after the first year? An article on Amy Arteme (from Kelly High School in Benton) leaving high school track and cross country sports to move up a level to run for Southeast Missouri State University back in 1998, was a super article by Lance Hanlin. This proves local can stay local for sports and education and our small high schools have great programs. This athlete is entering her senior and final year of running for SEMO - no red shirts, and has participated in every meet for 12 seasons as she runs cross country, indoor and outdoor track. Indoor track runs the 3,000 and 5,000 meter and the outdoor season is the 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 meter. Besides being an accomplished runner, she has earned several recognitions in her running time at Southeast. Follow up articles are interesting and can be motivational for our local high school athletes. SEMO has a home meet this coming weekend on the Abe Stuber track and field at SEMO.

This is on the prison issue, talking about the prisoners don't learn good behavior in prison, only bad behavior. It seems to me like they have a lot of bad behavior to begin with or they wouldn't be in prison to start with. If they would use their brains, if they had any, they wouldn't be in there.

I would like to SpeakOut about the child molesting that's going on in the Catholic Church. I would like to see others' input on this issue. Why aren't the priests who are molesting children being prosecuted? If it were any other American citizen, we would all be going to jail? Why are priests getting by with molesting kids, which is a clear violation of the law? Why?

Please don't take me wrong. I am not griping about it. I'm very happy that people have motorized wheelchairs, but please, when you ride down the street, could you please put an antenna on it with a red flag to alert the drivers of vehicles. Please don't think I'm putting any handicapped person down. I'm not. God bless each of you.

To the Republican who was bashing Jean Carnahan, let me clear the fog you live in. Mrs. Carnahan has never "crowed" about being our senator. One can only imagine the anguish she must feel, losing her husband and her son, when she reflects on the events that got her where she is. That "airhead," as you called Mrs. Carnahan, was wise enough to see Enron for what it was and returned the check they sent her, and she did this before Enron was exposed in its scandal and returned the uncashed check because she believed they engaged in unethical business practices. She turned out to be right. Too bad Ashcroft didn't have the common sense to see what she did. Being a gentleman, as you call him. Ashcroft gladly took $50,000 from Enron and has never looked back.