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SpeakOut 9/12

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Call 471-6636

When winter time gets here and snow and ice are on the roads and the highway department won't go out and scrape ice and spread salt because they're on strike, you can thank your governor.

I would like to SpeakOut to the Mississippi County Commission about the johnson grass taxes they have raised. If they would only take a look, after you pass the second ditch going west on Highway C and look at the johnson grass that is growing up beside the road, maybe they can take care of that now since they've raised the johnson grass tax.

Thank you, Ken Cantrell, Barry Faulkner and Vince Howard for being my son's coaches in the 12-year-old Little League Black All-Stars. You had a bunch of players and good boys and the fans were great. We won two at Portageville, first place in the East Prairie tournament and won fourth place in the Cape tournament. See you next year. Good job for a first-year coach.

For the person inquiring about treatment for fingernails, try Nutri Nail (5to 7 day growth in a bottle). It costs about $4 or $5 and lasts a long time. Follow the directions. It works for me. Keep hand lotion on hand, also.

I read about the child that was killed about the bus and all the talk about the bus drivers and how fast they are going and people seeing this. My question is, if you saw this, why didn't you call the right people at the school and report these things at that time? Maybe this wouldn't have happened if some really concerned citizens had taken some action before now. Maybe we should point the finger at some other people.

Can anyone tell me, or check into, why the buses don't have to have seat belts. It looks like it would be the safety of children in mind. Just imagine the buses overturning and the children not being belted in seat belts. It would be a sad situation and we would have more than one child's life lost.

I am very, very sorry for the loss of the little girl and her family but it is not only the responsibility of the bus driver. It is the responsibility of us, as parents, to take two minutes out of every day to make sure our children get on their buses safely and to make sure they get home and off the bus safely. If we cannot do it ourselves, we should make sure there is someone there who can. As parents, it is our responsibility.

I want to SpeakOut about the accident where the little girl was hit by the school bus. It was a sad thing and not just for the family who is suffering. The children on the bus are suffering and the children who were on the bus behind the first bus are suffering. Some children saw something that most adults have never seen. Also, the bus driver, she did not set out to run over someone that day; she did not mean to run over the little girl. My question is, where the heck was parental supervision? People in the neighborhood said they knew the buses went too fast through there but they proceeded to go ahead and let their children out into the road. And with all the kidnappings and stuff that is going on, why would someone allow their children to go out and run loose? I don't mean to be harsh, but if you care about your children you would at least have some supervision out there for them.

There should be a Kristen Harris law where at each bus stop there should be one adult to supervise the bus stop until all the children have caught the bus to make sure they're safe and to see that another accident like this doesn't happen.