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SpeakOut 9/11

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Call 471-6636

Perhaps you can help me. You are running an ad offering a chance to be a sponsor for $1 for something that involves the tragedy that occurred last Sept. 11. Could you elaborate, please? What is that "something" that would be sponsored. Will the dollar go to this organization, victim, charity, etc.? I am not wanting to be so cynical to believe that you are the entity this dollar would sponsor and that this exploitation is designed as some sort of true indication of the nature of one's patriotism or "support of the values we hold dear," so please help me out. Where does the dollar go?

The Sikeston 9/11 Fund is being directed by the Sikeston Cultural Development Corporation. The $1 contributions will sponsor helium-filled ballons which will be released on Sept. 11 in memory of the 3,044 victims of the attacks. Donors may choose to give a $10 or more gift in honor of a name appearing on the Memorial Wall. These donors may select a name from the Wall or a name can be selected by officials for that gift. Guests of the Wall are asked to sign a register which will be sent to the 9/11 Memorial Foundation in New York to show victims' families that Southeast Missouri residents are thinking of them. Half of the money raised from the effort will be donated to the New York University Child Study Center, which has established a foundation to work with children who were directly impacted by the attacks. The other half will be used by the Sikeston Department of Public Safety Fire Division to purchase a $15,000 thermal imaging camera, which will be used to photograph walls to detect hot spots in fires. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be mailed to Sikeston 9/11 Fund, P.O. Box 182, Sikeston, Mo. 63801. Organizations who would like to donate can contact Tom Nunnelee at 471-2242.

The public meetings concerning the New Madrid County R-1 bond issue appear to be another slick sham; although, consistent with the method of operation the superintendent and his board uses. The Matthews meeting is scheduled for the school library, when the community building would be a far superior location for the crowd such a meeting would generate. Is the purpose of the meeting to be more "one on one" as claimed by the superintendent or is the truth to maintain a small controlled environment. I'm surprised they aren't holding the Matthews meeting in a janitor's closet; it would be just as obvious as this set up is. Do these meetings fit the criteria of the Missouri open meetings act? Whether in law or in spirit, they should be fully accessible to the public and press. I hope the superintendent and his board have the good sense to change the location to the community building, allowing the public and press access to a very important informational meeting. Like reading, the democratic process works much better in the light, not in the confines of darkness.

Sen. Jean Carnahan plainly states that she is against school policies and that she wants to change this. She is abiding the subject of late term abortion and the sale of the babies' organ parts. When she took over her late husband's election, she reported she was in favor of his program and he was in favor of late term abortion. Even the woman who initiated the Roe versus Wade case in the Supreme Court has now changed and is against abortion. I think Mrs. Carnahan should tell us more about her aims and programs. We have lost a whole generation due to the murder of these babies.

This is in response to "Is war a mistake?" I don't believe it would be wise for us not to go to war because Iraq is building weapons of mass destruction and eventually they'll probably point them at us. I think it would make more sense for us to go to war and be in a recession than for us not to go to war and die.

You've seen these commercials on TV where they advertise underwear? It is against the law for you to go out into the world in your underwear.

Has anyone found a Union Planter's envelope with some money at Market Place. I would appreciate it if you would return it, even if all the money isn't returned. If you have found it, please call me at 931-9165.

Kelly board members, please wake up. Recently, a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and other drugs has been amended to merely giving a slap on the hand for the first two offenses, even with the law. The third strike rule is in effect but by this time, your children might be buried in the sand exactly where you appear to have your heads. Please reconsider this policy for the kids at Kelly High School.