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Speakout 11/16

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Well, back to the Cotton Carnival note. Either you misunderstood or I was quoted wrong. I don't know. But anyway, the route on the Kingshighway route was only four-tenths of a mile different from the one on Malone Avenue. I think it was really a shame to change it from Kingshighway (not to Kingshighway). I wish the parade would go back down Kingshighway next year.

I am trying to reach the lady who had three chairs that she needed reupholstered. Please call me at 471-6396.

Crossing and Crosslines - I have never seen more misinformation on any two programs in my life than I have in SpeakOut. Between the callers getting it wrong and the Standard Democrat getting it wrong, it has become extremely confusing. The Nov. 9 Standard Democrat had an explanation in the paper about where the money comes from for Crosslines, is an explanation of where the money comes from for Crossings. Last week, money explanation for Crosslines was also not quite correct. I wish you could simplify it. Perhaps one of them could change the name and get this thing straight.

You're right. We will try to clarify the information with this explanation. From Toni M. Dee, chairperson for Crosslines Steering Committee: "Crosslines was put together at the request of the Ministerial Alliance because churches did not have the time or network to do good casework. Crosslines Inc. is a stand-alone agency from Mission Missouri and its program of Crossings. Crosslines Inc. will be funded by grants from foundations (i.e.: United Methodist Foundation, Graybar Foundation and the Webb Foundation). The churches in town will be provided the money for direct, hands-on assistance. The money for Crossing (addiction freedom program) comes from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The Missouri Foundation for Health got their money from the privatization of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri. When they became a for-profit company, Attorney General Jay Nixon sued on the grounds that assets gathered by Blue Cross Blue Shield as a charitable organization should continue to benefit the public. Much of the program takes part in cooperation with area churches; and the Methodist Creative Ministries assisted with the reconstruction of Liberty House, which will be used for the program. We hope this information explains the difference between the two programs.

I would like to commend all veterans for what they have done for us, the ones who gave their lives for our freedom. I have a question about a statement that the President made today. I could have sworn that a couple of months ago he got on TV and claimed victory and was celebrating victory. Then we still hear about lives lost. How can he call this a victory? I'm confused about what "victory" is. Are we in another Vietnam?

Why are police officers allowed to go around and keep private citizens under surveillance who have done nothing? I thought there was a code for cops to keep their mouths shut. I suggest Drew finds out who has all the time in the world to go around and tell stuff on private citizens. Please find something else for this officer to do. If I find out who this officer is, I will be in Drew Juden's office and will file a complaint. Whoever you are, you big-mouthed police officer, you better hope I don't find out who you are. And, Drew, I suggest you talk to your boys and tell them not to be running their mouths about private citizens.

Call DPS at 471-6200 with more information, such as what the officer in question is allegedly saying to others.