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Speakout 1/24

Monday, January 24, 2005

I don't know who hit my car on Jan. 14, the night Scott Central played Charleston at Scott Central, but you know who you were. I hope you can live with your conscience. If you would like to redeem yourself, please call me at 471-6176.

I am outraged to hear about the tens of millions of dollars being spent for the inauguration. Everyone is being told to tighten their belts but then they go spend all that on the second inauguration. What is the matter with the American people? Will they ever learn? That would do so much for so many people. Isn't there enough being spent on that needless war? Wake up, people.

According to the Associated Press, "More than 150 corporations, trade associations and individuals have given $100,000 or more to earn recognition as inaugural sponsors and the accompanying event tickets." The celebrations are funded by private donations. The only expense incurred by taxpayers is for security purposes. "For the first time, all the federal agencies that deal with security, law enforcement and crisis response will be housed in a single Joint Field Office for a presidential inauguration."

In response to "Politics no longer private," it's always great when someone says they're a Christian, and they are. And it is great when someone feels that they are enough of an American to be someone who goes out and votes. However, to always vote Democrat just because you're a Democrat, or always vote Republican just because you're a Republican could be wrong. The people you vote for are who you should be voting for, not always for the party. People should look first at the person and then at the party that is backing them because, in reality, the person you vote for (whether he be Republican or Democrat) is not always going to do what you think he's going to do because he is Republican or Democrat. Think of the person. Don't always think of the party.

I think Condoleezza Rice should run for president for four years. She tried to put the little Barbara Boxer down, the way she came at her, didn't she? Also the way she put John Kerry down. I think she's an honest little girl and I'd like to see her become president. On Face the Nation, they're always putting the terrorist down and things, but what's the difference in that or leaving the scene of an accident, drunk and not reporting it to anybody? I don't know where they pick up that kind of trash at.

I am calling about the Jan. 17 article about Kelly Schools. I think the school should reconsider. They talk about being overcrowded and it would be a good idea to let the seniors out if they have earned all their credits. That would leave more room for the other students.

I just read the article on Kelly School. I am really disappointed in the school board. It is a shame that they can't let young adults make the decision to opt out early and let them rejoin their class to make that final walk. We moved to Kelly School District because of its reputation. Some reputation - we live and learn.