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SpeakOut 10/19

Friday, October 19, 2007

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I was calling in to reply to the person that called in Hard times. They are exactly right. I'm a Christian also. The state recently took away my kid's medical cards. We are barely making it now. And now I don't even take them to the doctor because I can't afford to go. They are sitting over there building $200, 300 or $400 thousand houses while we're just barely making it and trying to make ends meet. The health insurance is so outrageous you can't even afford to get health insurance. If you happen to work at a job that don't supply it, you are stuck. I agree that instead of hospitals and doctors turning them over to the collection agency, they need to help and understand a little bit.

If you had any idea of the amount of donated services provided by our medical community, you would not make these comments.

I would like to encourage everyone to come to the South Scott County Ambulance District board meetings every month to find out how their ambulance service is being ran and see why the decisions are being made the way they are. I think the public has the right to attend, although the meetings are not being published in the paper the way they should be.

This is in response to the Judgment of character that Holli Wrice wrote. I happen to live in the same community that she lives in and she's not a racist at all, very boisterous but not racist. I think she would take a stand if it happened to any individual. It's not about race. People just need to get over themselves and just call it like they see it. It's not a racist issue. They decided to give a 16-year-old 87 years to life for a schoolyard fight. That's injustice within itself. It's just absurd.

I live in Virginia Pine Apartments. Someone is stealing my Standard Democrat paper. This is a warning, I'm watching. I have loaded my Red Ryder BB gun and it is a hair trigger and I will shoot you in your pinky toe. Do you feel lucky?

To the person who took my jewelry. I wish you could know just for one minute the feeling of loss and how I feel about it and your thievery. Should you have needed the money, why didn't you say so? One piece had the price on the box. I did call the authorities. I would have given you the jewelry or money. I do know!

Why does the Mississippi County Recorder not put the ages of couples getting married? Other recorders put the age and the Mississippi County Recorder did until recently.

Any questions regarding the policy and procedures of the recorder's office can be answered by calling 683-2146, ext. 226.

A Roman Catholic bishop of the Netherlands is quoted as saying we should call God Allah as a way of relieving world tensions. He goes on to say that God doesn't care what we call Him. Evidently, he hasn't read the Bible. God does care. His name is Jehovah, I am Everlasting Father, etc. It is ignorant comments like that which causes world tensions.