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Speakout 11/4

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

I read a SpeakOut on Oct. 27 that said, "Hey, Mike, why weren't you bad-mouthing Rush Limbaugh?" To this person, Mike is probably a Republican. So what? In my opinion, Rush Limbaugh is no different than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Put them all together and they all stink; they're all full of crap. Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter. If they mess up, they mess up. Even though they have a little highlighter and can cover it up, they're no better than anybody else. People out here who are trying to make a living, it isn't going to affect us because we couldn't care less about them.

I am a senior citizen and read in the Oct. 13 paper about getting the word out on the Senior Rx program. I would like to get more information on this. It might be beneficial.

We found the following information on the Internet for the Missouri Senior Rx program: The Missouri SenioRx Program is a new program that assists seniors in handling rapidly rising prescription costs. Check with your local pharmacy or the Area Agency on Aging for an application; visit www.missouriseniorx.com on the Internet; or call the toll-free hotline at (866) 556-9316.

Cold weather is here. It's time for all responsible, sensitive and caring people to prepare a warm shelter for your pet to stay warm and out of cold wind. Watch the weather daily. Dogs and cats need protection in temperatures down from the low 40s. Feed outside animals extra food and fresh water daily and at least one hug or kind word daily. You don't have to have a cat or dog house. Remember, boxes inside of boxes with doors cut in and lined with newspapers and covered with garbage bags make good shelters (placed in a dry place). I don't care how it looks. The lowest life on earth is the person who deliberately makes an animal suffer.

I think it is time to give the Democrats some of the credit. They say our President doesn't have enough soldiers. The military was reduced by former President Clinton. He made us lose five divisions which we could use now. They will say anything to get back in power. Many people have short memories.

I am a parent who watched her kids march in a small parade for Red Ribbon Week at Oran Elementary School. I think it is great what the school counselor is doing to build the students' self-esteem. When you find children who feel good about themselves, they will do better in school and some of the children get very little, if any, at home. This parent says, keep up the good work and we appreciate everything you do. Isn't it great to see a smile on a child's face?

This is to the person who is sick of Section 8 housing. Not everyone who lives in Section 8 housing gets food stamps or lives on the streets. I am a white female with a college education and I am in a Section 8 house due to a disability. Get your facts straight before you call in and complain. Not everybody on Section 8 is a freeloader.

Thank God and thank Danny for Danny Auto Sales. He was a friend when I was in need. He let me know he was a friend indeed. May God always bless you and your family, Danny.