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Election excuses prove to be phony

Friday, November 8, 2002

It's hard not to write of politics this week though I am trying a self-imposed ban on all things political. But my goodness, for someone who watches the political arena with such keen interest, it's near-impossible not to comment.

I am bemused with the rhetoric that followed Tuesday's historic national mid-term elections. From sea to shining sea, the excuses are nearly identical. And, I might add, the excuses are patently phony.

The top Democratic leaders and political pundits spoke in the same language Wednesday. Without exception, the beleaguered Democrats said they suffered defeats because they "failed to adequately get their message to the American public". The firefighters group in Missouri that championed collective bargaining said the very same words. But they are all wrong.

Here's the fact. The Democratic message did indeed "get out" in every corner, nook and cranny of this great nation. But the voters weren't buying the message. Believe me, when you spend the money that was spent on this election, there is no doubt that your message is being delivered. To believe otherwise is just plain foolish.

We have become a nation of whiners. We make excuses for every single action that does not go our way. But in this election at least - for whatever reason - the message of higher taxes and more government simply did not play to the masses. The union vote and the minority vote were overwhelmingly in the Democratic corner. Remove those two segments and we generally rank as a nation of conservatives, tired of government dictates, tired of paying for others' mistakes and tired of politicians who feel they know better than we on how to conduct our lives.

Let it be said here and now. Both major political parties did indeed get their message to the American public. The GOP outspent the Democrats but when both parties spent at the level they did, the difference is insignificant.

And while I'm speaking of politics, I am tiring of the Green Party and the Libertarians and others who moan about their lack of participation in the political process. These two fringe parties delivered an insignificant vote and failed to send a "signal" to the voters. They cried because they were not allowed to debate with the "big boys" but when you attract such a small percentage of voter interest, why waste the time. At best these "alternative" parties offer background noise.

It would be welcome news if this country were to unite behind our leaders and work toward progress. But the same people making excuses today will never allow that to happen. At least for now perhaps the noise level will diminish somewhat.

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