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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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In response to taking part of a stand against movies of obscene content, I suppose on a worldly level, a rental video with sexual content might make more of an impression than a rental with other types of questionable content. Just as sniffing cocaine would be more deadly than eating chocolate, most likely. However, my interpretation and opinion about the Ten Commandments, and if those commandments were even intended to tie in with movies and other 21st century entertainment, I would think the Almighty would disapprove of both taking the Lord's name in vain and the sexual content of these movies. I'm not sure if taking half-a-stand excuse would wash at the Pearly Gates, although I'm not Oral Roberts and I don't have a direct line to the Lord.

You drive down the highway and see these signs that if you see anything, call star 55. You call in and give them a description like the kind of car and license plate number, tell if the driver is weaving over the lines or whatever; where's the Highway Patrol. You follow the vehicle for 20 or 30 miles and still no Highway Patrol. What is the deal? Where are the patrol officers, off having a coffee break? I understand we're short-handed and there's a lot, but where are they when you need them?

I read SpeakOut daily. The entries lately that include references to someone with cancer are particularly disturbing. They don't really seem to be about the dreaded disease. Makes you wonder if it's about using illness to gain sympathy. How awful for the patient and their family to receive such a diagnosis. How much worse for the patient and his family to use that fact to get something they are wanting.

Can you please reprint the number of the person who fixes clocks? I think he was from Bloomfield.

Edgar Kinser (573) 568-4628.

What's up with the Standard's Sports Department. Over the past week, NMCC had two impressive wins over Jackson and Lafayette, but there was no story on either. The Standard usually has excellent coverage of NMCC sporting events, which makes this non-coverage over the weekend out of character. Is there some explanation why?

The Jackson game was covered, however the coach did not let us know what time the Lafayette game started. All coaches have the opportunity to call in the names, scores and other information on games, however the New Madrid coach typically chooses not to do so.

It's a pity that people in East Prairie have to go to sleep with plugs in their ears to keep down the noise from the trucks and cars. It interferes with people's sleep and people's health. It looks like somebody else is going to have to be called in to get this matter stopped.