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Hot days of August

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Other than hunting or fishing what better way can you think of to spend the hot days of August? Well if you have never been to the Bass Pro's Fall Classic or missed it this year, my suggestion is that you write it in your calendar for next year.

From the early hours to the late evening you get to talk hunting and fishing with your friends and family. You also can see thousands of items that you might need to bag that big buck or hook that next bass. All this while getting to talk with that product's representative and finding out details, that you might have thought was true but, not completely sure of.

Also the kids and the big kids get to visit with and get autographs from their favorite outdoor personalities like Duke Turnage, Prostaffer Primos Hunting Calls, or Tyson Rutledge, Prostaffer Realtree Outdoors and Hunter Specialties. Who else better than to talk with about new products and tactics, than the people who hunt with them?

Without a doubt the best part of the Bass Pro Fall Classic are the free seminars given by the ones who live and breath hunting everyday. You also get to ask questions that you had in the back of your mind since the last time you went into the woods or on the water.

Great hunters and outdoor personalities like Mark Drury and Steve Stoltz, Outland Sports, had one of the best seminars on "Managing and Hunting Whitetail Deer".

Their video showed the different body sizes of deer to be able to age deer afield, has to be one of the best educational video's and seminars for any hunter.

Then there was Bill Jordan, Realtree Outdoors, a favorite of the hundreds on hand. We listen to his first hand experience with his two famous hunts, that where both misses. The barbed wire buck and the stickers buck showed that Bill Jordan is a real hunter in real situation that can go any way.

Extra bonus was his son Tyler Jordan joined his father on stage, He showed that even at work or play, that family is always a part of any hunter's life.

First thing that comes to mind on the next seminar is ENERGY. When Alex Rutledge and Stan Potts, Prostaffers Hunter Specialties, hit the stage running, with one of this year's wildest hunting videos I have seen.

Prime Time 6 was so full of action, I bought one before I left that day. But, even with such a high-energy seminar from Alex Rutledge and Stan Potts, they made time to work in our future generation of hunters when all the kids from the audience were ask to join both of them on stage.

All the seminars were great with great hunters, like Jerry Martin, Red Head Pro Hunting Team, and Chris Parrish, Prostaffer Knight and Hale Game Calls, also talking and visiting throughout the day.

One common thread among all that gave seminars besides being great hunters and where we wish we could be, is family. Every seminar mentioned family and/or kids, who is the very lifeblood and future of our hunting heritage and I applaud all of them for that.

If you didn't get an answer to your question on this day, it's only because you didn't ask it. The worse thing about spending the whole Saturday, at Bass Pro Fall Classic. I had to miss a few of the seminars, so I could take time out to eat and to shop. By the way be sure and try the BBQ sandwich very, very good.

Most important item of the entire day was my first and last purchase of the day. I had three things on my list to get done while at Bass Pro. My dear wife bought me some Arctic Shield Boot Covers for Christmas but the were just hair too small. Finally traded them in on a bigger pair. If they work as good as the Arctic Shield Glo-Mitts, I will never have cold feet this year, that is if we ever get a winter again.

But my first purchase on my list and where the true story begins was to get the Tru-Glo 360 Quiver for my bow. I really love that idea of how it works and just had to try it out this year. Did not realize different ones for mechanical and fixed blades, but Bass Pro employee Brian who came from the Memphis store to help work the St. Charles Fall Classic helped me find the one I needed.

Just like most other employees, and representatives that day, he was courteous and helpful. Plus we got to talk a little hunting.

Second purchase and the end of the day was the Summit Seat of the Pants Safety Harness. I really wanted to stop using a safety belt and this harness looks like it is handy and easy to use.

So again just have to try it out this coming season. But they only had a medium on the shelf, of course I needed a large. I asked a young Bass Pro employee if they had any in stock, he said if it's not out on the shelf, that more than likely was all they had.

Which, I guess, is all anyone should expect, but as I was walking out of that area of the store, I ran into Brian from Memphis again and he asked if I needed anymore help.

I told him what I was looking for, he said he would go in the back and look. Which is doing more than he had to do with the crowd they had that day. Brian came back and no they did not have anymore in the area he looked and could not find any in that size.

So I said thanks and went on my way, after about 15 minutes or so of walking around looking and talking with a few people. Brian shows back up with a box, that was the correct size, he said he ran across it, while looking for something else.

Well, first of all to me, he went over and beyond by trying to find me, so I could be sure I got what I came for.

So thanks Bass Pro for having such a good employee like Brian. Also thank you Brian for your extra effort, it might make the difference to my family and me if I would happen to fall some day. It's amazing how one little thing could make the difference in a life and death situation.

Hope to see you in the woods or on the water. Horntagger.