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Speakout 3/11

Monday, March 11, 2002

Call 471-6636

All our President knows how to talk about is teaching hiring and training. I agree we need good teachers and they need good training, and I understand we need to hire teachers. But in the same respect, as Americans, if we don't have jobs with all these factories closing, how in the world are we going to be able to send our kids to school? He needs to get his priorities straight. Quit causing wars and if he hadn't spent $300 million on the Olympics (they should have waited until this terrorist threat was over with). He should have been putting people back to work on these jobs.

Congratulations to Missouri Delta Medical Center for the outstanding grade they received on their recent accreditation. You cannot get such a high score unless everybody there is doing their jobs. I know because I am a patient.

C-SPAN and the Washington Journal featured abuse in nursing homes on March 3. A country who spends a billion dollars a day on a fragmented war cannot even provide money for drug testing on nursing home workers. There are 1,700 nursing homes in the United States and over a million people are in them. Where is the justice in this country?

I have an idea. If Gov. Holden would think more about 50 percent of time being served on sentences instead of 85 percent time, the prison system would not be as crowded because prisoners serving 85 percent time are serving time at the same time the new inmates are coming into the prisons.

This is to anyone who ate at Ashley's on March 3. If you wear a black coat, please check it. Someone accidentally took mine and left their's on a coat rack. It's black, medium length. Please check at the front desk of the motel. They're keeping your coat for you. Please do so promptly because I am very cold. Thank you so much.

I'm not even from Morehouse (I live in Dexter) but I drive Highway 60 every day to and from Sikeston to work. The west end of Morehouse (a little subdivision) used to be so neat and clean. Now it looks like a junkyard. You people need to wake up and get the junk out.

Can you contact the city of Morehouse and ask why the residents of West Acres have to pay city taxes? We have no city services, no sewers and the cop doesn't even patrol out there. What do we get for our tax money?

How can the Matthews City Council let their police let all the people get by in this town, driving without license, no license on their automobiles or anything? The mayor should wake up and see what kind of people this is attracting to Matthews.

Attention to the dog owners on Matthews Street who let their dogs run loose all the time. Please start penning your dogs up or put them on chains or something. They are doing their duty in people's yards and it needs to stop. I counted six dogs running loose on this street today and I would appreciate it if you would keep your dogs up.

I can't believe these bleeding-heart Americans who are worried about the detainees at Guantanamo, Cuba. I can't believe they went on a hunger strike and got their way. I think the hunger strike should have been allowed to continue. They should have dug a big hole out there and when they succumbed, put them in it. This country forgets too easily. I remember what they did Sept. 11. I know what they're doing to our boys over there in Afghanistan. My tax money is going to make them comfortable down there.