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SpeakOut 5/27

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

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The facts speak for themselves. Kmart is gone because of the high-falluting ways of its employees. Of all the employees who worked in that store, there was only one friendly one. I know I'm not supposed to mention names, but she no longer works there. Her name is Mary and I believe she was a manager. You should look at Wal-Mart and remember Kmart's prices. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I went to the senior dances at the Eagles for a number of years, and I am sorry that they have canceled them. I am a veteran and really appreciate the American Legion for allowing us to have them there once a month. I wish more seniors would come out because we have great people and great music there. God bless the American Legion.

This is in response to "Back to work" about East Prairie policemen. Obviously you don't know what you're talking about because these officers are pulling over everybody. It's become a little ridiculous. They will sit by Fred's and wait for anybody to come by for them to stop and pick on for just about anything. You can't even enjoy driving on the highways this spring because of the nuisance, especially the state patrolmen. They pull people over just to see if they have their seat belts on. That's absurd. A lot of people around here are really getting tired of it. If you knew what you were talking about, you wouldn't have called and said that. Evidently you don't live around here.

I was in a car accident on May 17 at the intersection of Malone and Kingshighway. A very nice lady came over from the park and sat with me until emergency personnel arrived. I have forgotten her name, but I want to thank you for staying with my granddaughter and I until emergency help came. She held my hand and talked to my 9-year-old grandchild. She reassured my grandchild that everything was OK and for her not to be frightened. She reassured her that her Mee-Maw was OK. Not many people are as kind and considerate as she was. The DPS officers, paramedics, fire department personnel were all very professional at what they did. Help was there in less than five minutes. Thank you all for being so very kind and considerate. Our emergency personnel are just that, professionals. Thank you again for being there and for being there so quickly, also. Sikeston should be proud of her emergency personnel.