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Donating tips

Sunday, December 12, 2004


* Get a good night's sleep

* Have a good breakfast or lunch

* Drink extra water and fluids to replace the volume you will donate (avoid tea, coffee, or other beverages with caffeine)

* Eat iron-rich foods -- red meat, fish, poultry or liver, beans, iron-fortified cereals, raisins and prunes

* Avoid fatty foods, such as hamburgers, fries, or ice cream before donating. Tests for infections done on all donated blood can be affected by fatty materials -- lipids -- that appear in your blood for several hours after eating fatty foods. When this occurs and required testing cannot be performed, the blood may need to be discarded.

* Wear clothing with sleeves that can be raised above the elbow

* Show the staff any "good veins" that have been used successfully in the past to draw blood

* Relax

* Take the time to enjoy a snack and a drink in the refreshments area immediately after donating

* Rehydrate by drinking plenty of fluids over the next 24-48 hours

* Avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for about five hours after donation

* If you feel light headed, lie down, preferably with feet elevated, until the feeling passes.