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Immigration issues must be addressed

Thursday, September 18, 2003

The tidal wave of illegal immigration into this nation will eventually be the single issue that breaks the national bank. It will so change the face of this great country that many of those issues held sacred for generations will no longer hold importance. And yet, the growing trend is to simply accept this influx of illegal immigrants and to somehow adapt the remainder of the nation to some radical changes in the future.

Why do illegal immigrants flood America? Well there are a number of reasons but clearly atop the list is the availability of jobs. Two new studies released today illustrate that the tide of illegal immigrants come here because there are ample jobs, though most are low-paying and offer little opportunity for advancement. Yet even these jobs offer an improvement over the situation in their home countries. Asians in California and Hispanics throughout the South both told researchers that their primary reason for entering this country was to seek jobs. The issue of freedoms that formed this nation is not mentioned.

But with unemployment an issue in many parts of the country, why are illegal immigrants filling these posts? One researcher hit the nail on the head.

"This (these jobs) is as good as it gets for them. It's hard work, it's dangerous work, it's repetitious work. Folks who have been in this United States for a few generations, they won't work these jobs." And therein, in my opinion, is the problem.

This nation starting specifically with Roosevelt's New Deal following the Great Depression has created a dependent society who look to the government to provide for their needs. And we have made it so attractive to take these "free" dollars that we have created a host of jobs that go unfilled because it's far more lucrative to accept a handout than to work for a living. And thus, immigrants fill those jobs.

There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that will change this trend and, in fact, the trend will escalate in the coming years. And the portrait of America that you remember as a child will fade into the history books. I fear what picture will replace it however.

The day will never come when we'll address the cost of this immigration. And eventually it will take a complete restructuring of our system of government, our tax base and our culture to adapt to the changes. I won't be around for the radical changes ahead. And in so many ways, I'm glad. But I fear for my children and their children and what burden will be placed on their backs as a result of the actions we take today. It's a fear that won't go away.

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