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Speakout 11/9

Sunday, November 9, 2003

Mike, I see where the paper commented in SpeakOut that Crosslines will not receive government funding. Can you tell me where the money will come from?

The information published in the Nov. 6 Standard Democrat was not clear. The correct answer is that the money comes from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The Missouri Foundation for Health got their money from the privatization of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri. When they became a for-profit company, Attorney General Jay Nixon sued on the grounds that assets gathered by Blue Cross Blue Shield as a charitable organization should continue to benefit the public. Much of the program takes part in cooperation with area churches; and the Methodist Creative Ministries assisted with the reconstruction of Liberty House, which will be used for the program.

I would like to thank a heating and cooling service in Matthews. They came and fixed my problem. He came over here two or three days and didn't even charge us for the extra time he put into it. He did a great job

In response to the person who called about the Fo' Yo' Soul Restaurant. You need to get a grip on life. What's in a name, like you said? You need to come to the new millennium and join the rest of us. A name is nothing but a name. If you want to come to the restaurant and eat its food, fine. Don't stay away just because someone wanted to name it "Fo' Yo' Soul." It's their choice. God gave us all a right to be free and decide to do and choose what we want to do. So they named it "Fo' Yo' Soul." So what? Big deal. Get a life.

I would like to SpeakOut about a place that gives commodities. I am a single mother with two children, plus I work a full time job. I get commodities because it helps out at times. This place does not allow children. What are we supposed to do? The only family I have here is my aunt and she is very ill. I'm not paying for daycare for hours for the little food I get. This man is very rude. He acts like he is paying for this himself. If you would please give us a piece of paper to fill out outside, I would be glad to do it. I wouldn't ask for the help if I didn't need it and if I did not have children. We have become a city where children are not allowed on government or city property.

I'm calling about a certain perverted man who sits at a certain store in a certain small town. He sits in this store and every woman (young or old), he makes passes at them or slurs them or tries to make sexual advances toward them. He just sits in this store all the time. I just don't understand why the store manager allows this to go on. I don't believe the store owner is aware of it. I wish this man would try to get a life or try to get some help. I wish they wouldn't let him sit in the store. We are afraid of him and even thought of drawing up a petition against him. I wish the town could try to settle this and get some help for this man so he would quit harassing women and young girls.