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SpeakOut 10/12

Friday, October 12, 2007

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When the solid waste ordinance passed in '66 or '67, it was mandated that all trash be in a can, covered with a lid so that animals wouldn't scatter the trash everywhere. Is that part of the ordinance been repealed? If so, when, and what's the ordinance number?

The current solid waste ordinance was revised in Sept. 06. The title is Containers-requirements. Section 13.04.040, Paragraph D provides for the use of plastic bags that are tied or sealed that do not exceed 50 pounds and that do not leak.

I attended the Portageville Soybean Festival and again, couldn't see a lot of the parade due to adults standing in front of me. The CERT team told them to move back and as soon as they left, they would move right back up. So rude! Worst area was by the judges' trailer. This has been like this for a long time. Some people left as they couldn't see. This problem needs to be solved someway.

This is in regard to the speak out in Oct. 1 paper about someone saying God has control over people being gay and people are made gay by God. First of all, that's a moronic and idiotic thing to say. As pastor of a church, God is not a god of immorality. You need to read your Bible and get in church. You are speaking of ignorance. We all have free will to do what we please. God does not promote homosexuality. It speaks plainly about Sodom and Gomorrah. You need to shut your face, read your Bible and get in church. It's people like you that lead people astray.

This is addressed to the Take off the bras, opinion of an older person, blah, blah, blah. The bras were not a fashion item put on cars. They were put on there to keep rock chips from chipping your paint and breaking part of your hood off. It's a protective device, not a fashion device. We didn't burn the car bras.

I just wanted to voice my opinion on the pageants of the Cotton Carnival this year. I was glad to see that there were some male judges this year. I think it's good to have male and female judges. My only complaint is with the Junior Miss pageant. They recognized the top six, yet the third through fifth finalists received nothing. I believe they should have at least received a sash and flowers.

Anyone who has read the book, "1984" will know what I'm talking about. I know there is a lot of crime and drug dealings in this town and a lot of other towns. But is cameras all over town the answer? It may have cut down the amount of crime outside, but did that stop crime? I don't think so, it went inside. So what do we do now, put cameras inside homes? Is this the answer?